Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weeked

I need to post more, and I will.
So how's everyone been ? Do you guys think Ned "Miracle Man" Yost is the Royals answer ?
I almost want to believe it's all been kind of a fluke but with Butler absolutely raking and overall everyone hitting above average. Well maybe not.

But still it's great to fantasize about the team going out and trading for Oswalt and Berkman and making a run at the playoffs. (Like I said it's still great to fantasize about). We'd end up giving up to much but hey after 25 years maybe it'd be worth it if we can get back up to .500.

I'll post more later...............

But for now enjoy the BBQ's and start of summer, and be sure to think our service men and women who keep us safe at home.


  1. I'm also hopeful that the Ned Yost Era brings good things to KC. Would have been awesome to go into Boston and win that series, but a 2-2 split at Fenway... I'll take it.

  2. I just hope we can at least split the Angels now. ;)