Friday, May 14, 2010

1 down 1 to go

Well that Royals have finally fired Trey Hillman which in and of itself is just lovely I've basically been bashing his use of the bullpen and horrid lineups since the very beginning. But of course this being the Kansas City Royals even Hillman's firing would come in a bizarre manner. Yes he was fired yesterday the 13th. But it was just the 11th when:
“Trey is a tremendous leader,” general manager Dayton Moore said, “somebody who is very consistent with who he is day in and day out. He’s exactly what our organization needs at this point in time.”
In fact that quote appears in the Wednesday's (12th) Star. So in one day Trey goes from being "EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED" to fired. That leads you to believe as he was quoted saying Dayton's "points in time are". Are very very short right ?
Just this morning on Facebook:
Bob Fescoe Royals GM Dayton Moore just told me exclusively that it will be an 8-10 year process to rebuild the Royals
But if you recall that article on the 12th:
(via Kc Star go buy one today it's well worth it and you get the great comic-strip Bizarro in the FYI section)

Moore reiterated his belief the Royals possess a roster capable of mounting a charge in the division race — but also issued a warning that changes in personnel are likely if the club doesn’t turn itself around.

“I believe in our baseball team,” he said. “I believe in the talent that we have here.”

And as I didn't mention before he was fired after a rare win, making it appear to the casual viewer who didn't watch the award show-esge Trey Hillman press conference were he thanked everyone including (insert loud obnoxious BOO's) Linda Smith .

And then he said that God had lead him to Kansas City meaning God must not be a Royals fan. haha

Any way I've been waiting for two years for this day and this is all I can manage to write. I had hoped it would be grand day and we'd be able to speculate some about the next manager but no welcome to the Ned Yost regime.
Trey Hillman's firing is a fine graduation present albeit my high school graduation isn't till Saturday so maybe, with one down and one to go, Dayton could be next ???

Ha you thought I was done.
And I was but there is just a few more things I must touch on, win-loss records.

Trey Hillman 152-207 .423
Ned Yost 457-502 .477
Chicken Wolf 14-51 .215

Although Mr.Wolf died in 1903 he surly would have been the better of the three managers to run the Royals at this point. Although his win loss record sucked big time with a name like "Chicken Wolf" Royals games would be much better. I mean it's been proven by science that the Royals can't win. So why not lose with style ?

In fact since the Royals hired Dick Howser after he was fired by the Yankees while going 103-60.
The Royals have went through 7 managers none of which have came to the Royals with a winning MLB record. And now Ned Yost can be added to that list. (And only one John Wathan left the Royals with a winning record).

Just thought I'd throw that out there

It really is kind of funny how things have worked.
Pena replaced Muser Yeah Pena
Bell replaces Pena. Yeah Bell
Hillman replaces Bell. Yeah for Hillman
Yost replaces Hillman Yeah Hillman is gone.

Never say things can't get worse........

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