Thursday, April 1, 2010

What up ? I'm not dead !

Sorry for the lack of post but since last week I've worked 97 hours with many more to come, and I'll probably miss opening day. :(

Oh well coming back from the work force today I found out that Brian Anderson is trying his hand at pitching. Oh great at first I thought maybe it was a lame April Fool's joke but apparently it's true. Much unlike the JT and ChiTown's post which with a mere glance you could tell was a lame gag.

I'm sad to see that Vance Wilson has retired after not making the team. He really didn't have a chance but I thought he might make it up sometime during the season. I'd love for the team to add Vance in a coaching position.

All signs point to Gil Meche starting the year on the DL. It's a shame and hopefully he'll come off the DL strong.
Josh Fields is also heading to the DL, leaving the final non pitching roster spot down to either Betemit or Aviles. I'd say that Betemit is the favorite to win the job based on the fact Mike is still "recovering" and has an option.

And the final bullpen pitching spots looks to shake down to Dusty Hughes, Anthony Lerew and John Parrish. I'd love for Dusty or Tony to get the slot.

Well that's about it I've got to go get ready for bed, 1:30 AM comes unlawfully soon.

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