Saturday, April 10, 2010

So 2-2

Hey it's not bad at all, well it's not great either.
But still it could be a whole lot worse right now.

Is it to early to lump Luis Mendoza in with Jeff Fulchino, Josh Newman, Jason Standridge and company ? Just a thought.
And who do you all like as the 8th Inning setup man ?

And how about that, Farnsworth was going to start yet he's already on the self.

At least we get to see defending AL Cy Young winner Zack Greinke tonight.

Anyone listen to the Royals On Radio yet ? (Denny's definitely still got it) If so you've probably heard that Kohl's commercial that says you can return any purchase no questions asked. I figure I'll go get some shirts and pants and when they wear out just return them for something new.

Sorry for being so scatterbrained this post but I'm still getting use to work. I mean who gets up at 1:30 AM and then works till 7 PM ?
Oh well, I still love all you guys and gals, thanks for reading and I'll have more later.
In the meantime check out my favorite comic strip of all time, here.

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