Friday, April 2, 2010

A little bit of news

First off, this is why Royals Review is amazing.

And in other news the Royals acquired pitcher Luis Mendoza from the Rangers.
He's got a good arm but has struggled in his big league career. And in his career in general since his 2007 breakout year at AA.
Overall it was just for cash, so I like the move, and at only 26 he's still got some time to live up to his potential.

I still can't believe that Brian Anderson is going to try and convert to pitching it's just mind boggling. But hey I see his point, still it's still just a little weird.

Oh and speaking of converted pitchers, Giants pitcher Tony Pena Jr's stats actually look pretty good.

Finally congrats to one of if not my favorite Royals from the anti-glory years. If you haven't already heard, Matt Stairs did make the Padres. Yes !!!

Opening day is sooooo close !!!

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