Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aviles optioned to AAA

Oh my.
That leaves only Willie Bloomquist, Mitch Maier and Brayan Pena on the bench.

My question would be, why ?
Why did we leave Mike on the roster only to be sent down after only 6 games.

Is it because our bullpen sucks ?

Oh and how about the fact that Jose Guillen hit two home runs today. In his contract year I might add. I've been meaning to get deeper into the whole contract year thing on the Royals yahoo listserve but alas work. I'll get to it soon Jack ;).

Still though isn't it fairly obvious that JG looks to be giving just a little more effort this year then last ?

Overall I've stopped caring (deeply) about the Royals day to day moves, oh well let's beat the Tiggers

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