Friday, April 23, 2010

Bullpen Bullbluck

SO it was incredibly obvious to anyone who if they were just tuning in to a baseball game for the first time in there lives, that well Luis Mendoza sucked.
Seriously his line was like something out of a horror movie.
And not the psychological ones either but a pure gore-fest were there is no plot at all only a chainsaw and tons of gore. Yeah that is exactly what it's like to describe Mr. Mendoza's stat line.

But Juan Cruz ???
Are you freakin' kidding me ?
So what if he's not the greatest reliever but he's still 20X better then Farny was last year.
And his 3.38 ERA was so dang massive it obliterated the sun.
Geez why in the world are we releasing Cruz and keeping Tejeda and Hughes on the roster then ?
They both have ERA's over 9 and have actually walked more batters then they've struck out.

To me I think the obvious way to improve the pen would be to rid yourself of the worst pitchers instead of your 3rd best pitcher.

Damn it's so frustrating, 5 games and we're releasing Cruz. How many did it take for HoRam and Ponson to get jettisoned last year ?

Dayton if your reading this right now here's the word of the day, it describes you:


Look it up if you don't know what it means look it up.

And how about the so called cavalry that's on the way ?
Bruce Chen and Brad Thompson.
Just they're names set your heart a flutter....
Yeah I tried sorry I just can't put a positive spin on it. Between work and this kind of crap it's a wonder I even bother to still care.

Oh well, at least Allard Baird interviews were cool.........

Monday, April 19, 2010

So while I was gone

Royals DFA'd Roman Colon. I always like him but this season he just couldn't put it together oh well welcome Josh Rupe who's already pitched twice oh well welcome to the working class haha.

So who's digging the 2010 Royals season ?
You know the team that's 5-8 and almost got no hit by Brandon Morrow, and gave up to home runs to former Royal Jose "Ears" Bautista (I always liked him when he was with us).

And speaking of the bullpen isn't Luis Mendoza a keeper ?

I can't wait for the team to start playing well ........
But I guess I will.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Contract Year

5th Home Run in 4 days.
You can't convince me that Jose Guillen isn't giving a little more effort this year then last.

Also the bullpen really needs to be shaken up a bit and get some fresh guys in.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aviles optioned to AAA

Oh my.
That leaves only Willie Bloomquist, Mitch Maier and Brayan Pena on the bench.

My question would be, why ?
Why did we leave Mike on the roster only to be sent down after only 6 games.

Is it because our bullpen sucks ?

Oh and how about the fact that Jose Guillen hit two home runs today. In his contract year I might add. I've been meaning to get deeper into the whole contract year thing on the Royals yahoo listserve but alas work. I'll get to it soon Jack ;).

Still though isn't it fairly obvious that JG looks to be giving just a little more effort this year then last ?

Overall I've stopped caring (deeply) about the Royals day to day moves, oh well let's beat the Tiggers

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So 2-2

Hey it's not bad at all, well it's not great either.
But still it could be a whole lot worse right now.

Is it to early to lump Luis Mendoza in with Jeff Fulchino, Josh Newman, Jason Standridge and company ? Just a thought.
And who do you all like as the 8th Inning setup man ?

And how about that, Farnsworth was going to start yet he's already on the self.

At least we get to see defending AL Cy Young winner Zack Greinke tonight.

Anyone listen to the Royals On Radio yet ? (Denny's definitely still got it) If so you've probably heard that Kohl's commercial that says you can return any purchase no questions asked. I figure I'll go get some shirts and pants and when they wear out just return them for something new.

Sorry for being so scatterbrained this post but I'm still getting use to work. I mean who gets up at 1:30 AM and then works till 7 PM ?
Oh well, I still love all you guys and gals, thanks for reading and I'll have more later.
In the meantime check out my favorite comic strip of all time, here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I had a bad feeling this would be a tough season when Willie had an error in the first but hey we were still winning until.

Boom 6 runs in one single inning.

I mean we all saw this coming, the final bullpen spot was going to be Hughes, Lerew, or Parrish.
That's just not the bullpen that is going to win games.

But hey there is still 161 games to go so we could still go 161-1.

Well at least Meche is coming along strong......

Friday, April 2, 2010

A little bit of news

First off, this is why Royals Review is amazing.

And in other news the Royals acquired pitcher Luis Mendoza from the Rangers.
He's got a good arm but has struggled in his big league career. And in his career in general since his 2007 breakout year at AA.
Overall it was just for cash, so I like the move, and at only 26 he's still got some time to live up to his potential.

I still can't believe that Brian Anderson is going to try and convert to pitching it's just mind boggling. But hey I see his point, still it's still just a little weird.

Oh and speaking of converted pitchers, Giants pitcher Tony Pena Jr's stats actually look pretty good.

Finally congrats to one of if not my favorite Royals from the anti-glory years. If you haven't already heard, Matt Stairs did make the Padres. Yes !!!

Opening day is sooooo close !!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What up ? I'm not dead !

Sorry for the lack of post but since last week I've worked 97 hours with many more to come, and I'll probably miss opening day. :(

Oh well coming back from the work force today I found out that Brian Anderson is trying his hand at pitching. Oh great at first I thought maybe it was a lame April Fool's joke but apparently it's true. Much unlike the JT and ChiTown's post which with a mere glance you could tell was a lame gag.

I'm sad to see that Vance Wilson has retired after not making the team. He really didn't have a chance but I thought he might make it up sometime during the season. I'd love for the team to add Vance in a coaching position.

All signs point to Gil Meche starting the year on the DL. It's a shame and hopefully he'll come off the DL strong.
Josh Fields is also heading to the DL, leaving the final non pitching roster spot down to either Betemit or Aviles. I'd say that Betemit is the favorite to win the job based on the fact Mike is still "recovering" and has an option.

And the final bullpen pitching spots looks to shake down to Dusty Hughes, Anthony Lerew and John Parrish. I'd love for Dusty or Tony to get the slot.

Well that's about it I've got to go get ready for bed, 1:30 AM comes unlawfully soon.