Sunday, March 14, 2010

Down to the 5th Spot

Well according to Trey Hillman:
"I've liked Banny and I've liked Hoch both, so that's really more of a question of [No. 5] -- and I haven't seen nearly enough," Hillman said
And the front runner for the 5th spot (Because Davies is having a tough time so far):
"Most of us managers have a tendency to go to what have you done for me lately," Hillman continued, "and the five candidate that's been the best so far is Farnsworth, easily, with the hitters that he faced and what he was able to do with his command and his fastball. But it's way too early to say."
Still is that not who I said would eventually win out the 5th spot in my last post ? See I've followed the Royals long enough I can basically tell you what will happen before it happens.
Yet I'm always to optimistic when it come to season previews. Which is why I find it so strange that when ever I look at Royally Speaking's latest post "BIPs" my mind automatically reads R.I.P.'s . Ouch.
At least since it's Spring Training and we get to see Kila Ka'aihue, kind of like we get to see Punxsutawney Phil once a year.

So tomorrow/today is Monday and that means the Royals on Radio will be back on the air and I'll once again be able ta listen to the AM signal of 1420 KRLL (formerly KREL but who really cares)

And then it's 21 days till Opening Day and if the season starts to wear you down be sure to come back often and feed the fish in the "Kauffman Coy Pond" over there at the top right ->.
Hopefully those cute lil fishes (and they are cute) can provide some stress relief in case we wake up and the Royals still aren't good.

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  1. The Royals are being projected for 81 wins in 2010. It's nice to not think they will hit 60 wins or so. At least this is progress.