Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day/S.T. Tid-Bit's

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Well as I'm sure you've already heard the Royals optioned Carlos Rosa to AAA Omaha Tuesday.
But what you may have missed is that RoRetc favorite RHP Victor Marte was also optioned to AAA. We of course wish him the best.

Well the Royals have four lefties, left battling for a spot in the pen and they be : Edgar Osuna, Bruce Chen, Dusty Hughes, and John Parrish

“It could be a race to the end,” Hillman said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Also mentioned by the Star was that Edgar is emerging as a darkhorse for the "infamous" 5th spot in the rotation. A spot genuinely consider to be down to Farnsworth, Tejeda and Davies.

Personally I'd love for Hughes to break camp with the Royals. And being a Rule V pick Osuna should make the team if he is even on the bubble. Parrish and Chen should start the year in the minors.

But hey until the season starts I just get my info from the paper so whatever...

On Our Other Guys - Who Aren't In The Spotlight (OOOG-WAITS)
Gaby Hernandez/ No Spring Training Stats
Jorge Campillo/ No Spring Training Stats
Bryan Bullington/3 IP/6.00 ERA/4 H/2 R/2 ER/3-0 K-BB
Brad Thompson/6 IP/1.50 ERA/7 H/1 R/1 ER/ 2-2 K-BB
Anthony Lerew/5 IP/10.80 ERA/10 H/6 R/6 ER/5-0 K-BB
Philip Humber/4 IP/4.50 ERA/7 H/2 R/2 ER/2-1 K-BB

Also the Nationals have released there projected Opening Day RF Elijah Dukes who has had his share of problems. But according to MASN's Ben Goessling his release had nothing to do with off-the-field issues.
I believe the Royals should definitely look into signing Dukes. Even with our "sardined" outfield he could be an upgrade.

Finally here is a nice article on about NRI Matt Herges and in case you missed it former Royals Ace Sidney Ponson has signed with the Long Island Ducks

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Down to the 5th Spot

Well according to Trey Hillman:
"I've liked Banny and I've liked Hoch both, so that's really more of a question of [No. 5] -- and I haven't seen nearly enough," Hillman said
And the front runner for the 5th spot (Because Davies is having a tough time so far):
"Most of us managers have a tendency to go to what have you done for me lately," Hillman continued, "and the five candidate that's been the best so far is Farnsworth, easily, with the hitters that he faced and what he was able to do with his command and his fastball. But it's way too early to say."
Still is that not who I said would eventually win out the 5th spot in my last post ? See I've followed the Royals long enough I can basically tell you what will happen before it happens.
Yet I'm always to optimistic when it come to season previews. Which is why I find it so strange that when ever I look at Royally Speaking's latest post "BIPs" my mind automatically reads R.I.P.'s . Ouch.
At least since it's Spring Training and we get to see Kila Ka'aihue, kind of like we get to see Punxsutawney Phil once a year.

So tomorrow/today is Monday and that means the Royals on Radio will be back on the air and I'll once again be able ta listen to the AM signal of 1420 KRLL (formerly KREL but who really cares)

And then it's 21 days till Opening Day and if the season starts to wear you down be sure to come back often and feed the fish in the "Kauffman Coy Pond" over there at the top right ->.
Hopefully those cute lil fishes (and they are cute) can provide some stress relief in case we wake up and the Royals still aren't good.

(Hillman Quotes from

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Royals are cheapskates

But hey what else is new, well not that they've been cheap for years but now it shows.
The Royals have FINALLY added a logo to the back of the Crown Vision but unfortunately it's small "Kc" in blue against a white background.
Let's be honest it looks a whole lot better then empty nothingness, but it just does not compare to the former scoreboard, at all.

On a lighter note Royals prospect Blake Wood is in the battle for a bullpen spot.

But then on another gray note pitcher Ray Liotta has decided to hang up the cleats, he's a great guy and we wish him the best in his next endeavor whatever it may be.

Oh and here's my take with 25 days left till opening day the Royals 5th starter (assuming Luke is the 4th man) battle looks anything but settled, so far neither Farnsworth, Davies, or Tejeda have reached out to take it meaning that there is still time for another darkhorse candidate to enter the race, albeit I think the Royals deep down want Kyle.

Well that's about it can't believe we have to wait till Monday before the Royals on Radio are back up.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What Spring Training Is For

Spring training is around to help us realize that hey maybe Kyle Farnsworth wouldn't be a good idea as a starter. You've got to admire the Royals organization for always trying to keep the faith with players that never have shown that much promise. (Back side is cutting ties with guys like Matt Diaz and J.P. Howell). So yeah Kyle gave up 5 runs in 1.2 innings today, but it was a great outing for Bannister.

Tough news yesterday though for Alex Gordon he'll miss at least a month but hey at least he did make the majors. Which is more then Colt Griffin, Chris Lubanski*, and Mike Stoldoka did. The real winner in the Alex injury saga is Josh Fields, who should now get a chance to be the Opening Day third baseman, which in a way is kind of a win for the Royals because Josh has a twitter account and Alex doesn't.
But the really heart breaking injury was of top prospect Jeff Bianchi who will require reconstructive elbow surgery and miss all of this season. It is just such a sad story since Jeff had finally last year put together a great season and seemed poised to make a run at a 2010 MLB debut.

But hey at least Kyle's day was better then Jason Kendall's who as TMZ pointed out, is in court fighting to bring his kids to Kc. Oh and his estranged wife Chantel:

has suggested in legal papers that Jason is overusing Adderall, which he says he's taking for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Thank God for warm weather and Spring Training that winter was really really getting old.