Saturday, February 6, 2010

RoRetc's 2nd Annual Royals blogger/media Super Bowl Bash

Welcome and thinks for taking time to read the predictions and insight to this year's Suber Bowl from some of your favorite Royals Bloggers. I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday and if you are going to be traveling any be safe and don't drive drunk.

There are three questions I dared to ask:
1. Who you think will win
2.Who you want to win
3. Anything you wish to add to 1 or 2.

Enjoy and best of luck to the Saints, Colts and The Who.
(2009 Ray W Royals Prospect Blog of Year)
(1-0 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. Winner Colts 35, Saints 17
2. This is one year I don't really care who wins, if the Colts win, they deserve it, if the Saints win, what a story.
3.And, as on Sunday, I'll be wishing I was on Bourbon Street if the Saints win. I think the Saints are gonna be in "just glad to be there" mode and the Colts are gonna eat up their D. Plus the Saints offense didn't look good against the Vikings. The Colts D is no Vikings D, but I think they're only gonna need to get a few stops to secure the win. I don't think the Saints can stop Manning and his good receivers. I don't think the Colts will give NO the opportunities Minny did.

1. Colts, 31-24

2. Saints

3. As a KC sports fan (and therefore a fan with no rooting interest in a championship event), I usually root for the team/city who has gone longer without winning a title. So, Geaux Saints!

Greg Schaum
(2009 Ray W Kc Radio persinality of the year)
(1-0 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. I think the Colts will win 38-27
2. I want the Saints to win

1.The Colts will probably win by (at least) 2 TDs, with Archie, Eli, Payton or Danny Manning as the MVP.

2.I'd RATHER the Saints win, but they've got very little chance.

3. My all-time SB fav moment... that little "wardrobe malfunction" (even with my distain with body piercings).

Kings Of Kaufman
1. I'll take the Indianapolis Colts over the New Orleans Saints. Final score 31-23

2. I'm a big fan of both Manning and Brees.
I suppose I'd like to see Peyton get his 2nd ring just a little more, but it's hard to root against New Orleans. I'm just going to sit back, enjoy the game with my friends, and have a few beers while watching the two best QBs in the NFL lead their teams in the biggest game of the year.
Royals On Radio Etc
(1-0 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. Saints 45-42 *(4:24 PM I just changed from Colts to Saints)
2. I'll be rooting for the Saints
3. Well my dad is a big Peyton fan and I think this will go back and forth until one of the QB's makes a mistake. I wish Vilma would pick of Peyton on the last drive but Indy is the better team.
(2008 Ray W New Royals Blog)
(0-1 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. I think the Colts will win. Manning seems always in control of the situation and never panics. If they get behind he will bring them back. I'll predict something along the lines of 31-24.

2. I want the Saints to win only for the reason that Chase Daniel will be on their sideline. My allegiance to Mizzou extends to the NFL which is why I was also pulling for Brad Smith and the Jets in the AFC Championship game.

3. The Saints at least are somebody new just like the Cardinals last year. I tire of seeing the same five or six teams win it year after year so it's easy for me to root for the newbie.
(0-1 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. Colts 38-21
2. Colts
3. I will be watching WAY too early in the morning on Monday (China's 13 hours ahead of ET). Possibly drinking way too early in the morning too... we'll see.

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