Friday, February 19, 2010

The Reson for Reasoning (Why isn't D-Train a Royal ? )

As I sat at my desk I realized something, something very grand indeed.
Spring training is among us, and as the snow began to melt here at the RoRetc compound I am just now beginning to get into this grand new team.

The new 2010 Royals that will not have a single trace of the Beltran deal, a team that will be without Olivo, Jacobs, Bale, etc.

Speaking of the Beltran deal what ever happened to Mike Wood ? He was here, then there (Texas), then gone without a trace.

Anyway in place of the aforementioned players are aging veterans Podsenik, Kendall, Ankeil, great defender Getz, and AAAA players Anderson and Fields.

But alas there is something fundamentally missing, but what is it that is missing ?
What is it that we lack ?

Think, think,what key piece that the Royals have had for many seasons is missing at the start of the 2010 season ?

An broken overpaid slugger like Juan Gonzalez ? No we still have Guillen.
An aging catcher ? Wrong again we've got powerful Jason Kendall.
(We stack up really well with the '04 Royals !!!)

Well of course what we are missing is the starting pitcher drama.
Not that Kyle Farnsworth trying to follow in John Bale's footsteps isn't exciting.

No what we lack is that guy who has a guaranteed spot for at least 10 starts with his 8.00+ ERA. That's it we're missing our Jose Lima, Scott Elarton, Brett Tomko, Sidney Ponson, Horacio Ramirez.

So I got to thinking...........
Dayton's never really let us down before, we've always had at least one clunker in the rotation who keeps getting starts. Why would he disappoint us now ?*

*(may be banking on Farnsworth)

So I've decided to make his job a little easier.

What we need: A bad pitcher
What we have and don't need: Alberto Callaspo

I love Bert but as we've all seen Trey's lineup is itchin' ta^ ink-in Chris Getz.*
(add a "T" to Chris and it becomes ChrisT Get Z the Royals a World Series. He'll be the Royals Saviour.)

Back to my original thought why not trade Callaspo for.......

Dontrelle Wayne Willis

It's perfect, a match made in.... well Royals front office heaven at least.
And that my friends is the reason for reasoning.

Oh how I can't wait for the fun and games to begin.

Thanks as always for putting up with me.

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  1. Well technically there will be traces of the Beltran trade in the persons of Getz and Fields.