Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Royals Trey Hillman look alike

It's scary accurate

Ladies and gentleman (and rednecks) I present to you an exact replica of Trey Hillman:

Rick Ankiel

Your new center fielder. Amazing how he goes from a stud in St.Louis to the spiten' image of his new skipper.

Ps. If you want to know more about me here's an interview I did for the BBA of which I'm a proud member.


  1. Hey, we also have a 1990 Mitch Williams writing this blog...well, at least before the hair cut! (Am I right?)

    Hey, Ray, are the RoR1fan'z Cobra'z (formerly known as the Horrid Black Mudd, my favorite team name of all time) back for Round 4 in the 2010 Royals Nation SuperFantasy League?

  2. Yes and yes. . This year I'll be out of the gutter !!!

    I'm also considering going back to the old name.

  3. Nice! Glad to hear you're back. I did extensive calculations on the league's history. Calculations complete with average record, adjusted (162-game schedule) record, and a lot more. Yeah, I'm a nerd.