Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why the Royals should sign Eric Bedard

Because signing "Eric" Bedard means we wouldn't sign "Erik Bedard" haha that's funny.

But really the Royals are showing interest in Erik according to our good ole buddy Samy M.
He points out that the Royals would need to shed some payroll first in order to sign the injured pitcher, who will miss the beginning of the season.

So I must ask why couldn't we get a deal done ? We could offer somewhere in the range of $ 2.5-3.5 million + many incentives and a mutual option next year around $11 million.
But why take that risk ? I mean he might turn that down .

So here's what I'd do if I were Dayton.
Trade DeJesus, and then sign Bedard to a 2 year $24 million deal. Then everybody would be happy. And I could say we once again raised payroll and that we are going to compete this year. (Not win, but compete)
In fact the only thing better would be to find a way to trade Callaspo for a 28 year old Single A pitcher who throw a fastball 88-90 MPH. Of course I'm just ranting now but hey it was kind of fun and was based more in reality then most historical novels.

Bottom line Erik Bedard signed cheap, well it could be a heck of a deal.
If he goes back to his Baltimore days (like Ponson before he was traded to the Giants) we have got ourselves a great bargain.
Then again we could have another case of the Elarton-Lima-Mays-Tomko-syndrome in which he'll completely suck but the front office keeps him around. And then right when they HAVE GOT to cut him he'll have a good game and pitch 6 more bad starts.

Therefore with that in mind IF we signed Bedard it would depends solely on if the Royals front office is willing to give up if it fails. Judging by last years Ponson experiment, we know that would never happen.

I repeat myself once more, IF Bedard signs with us odds are I'll like the deal but it can't be perfect. The Royals seemingly find a way to screw up just about everything so we'll see.

Finally, I thought I'd done found Trey Hillman or Dayton Moore on MLBTR but it was just kcmike11:

We need a lefty ...........

And better yet from another commenter:
"0 comments" --- quintessential Royals. No interest. The only things they have going for them are nice uniforms, Kaufman Stadium, and Billy Butler.

That means the commenter was NOT our buddy Corey, because they said The K was actually good. (Good enough to beat PNC at attendance).
I should probably drop this Corey thing, eventually........

PS. Best of luck to Jimmy Gobble in Colorado, the only Royals player to have one of his baseball cards on my Christmas tree, an ole Topps Total.

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