Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I don't care this off season

At least in off seasons past Dayton Moore has entertained the Royals fan base with targets like Torii Hunter, Gil Meche, and other big fish.
Of course we all remember the Jose Guillen signing that back fired but still most off seasons there is some hope that Dayton will land a whopper (but no OBP Whales) or at least act like he's fighting for it before the fishing line gets snapped.

This year though things were different and the big name around Royals camp from the begining was Scott Podsenik ?

Really Scott Podsenik ?

And I was really getting anxious with the Brian Anderson signing, I thought Scotty he might slip away from us.....


He's ours now.

And wait we might still be looking for more (speedy, old, powerless,lack of OBP helps) outfielders yet !!!

Yes it's just been really, really, really hard to follow this team.
(Although Noel really helped)
I, I was hoping for another nice 5th starter myself maybe a 1 year deal for Washburn or Davis.
(Sorry for the stutter)

Hey but at least we've landed Ned Yost, who I must say reminds me of Trey Hillman for some reason.

And just when you thought the dreaded off season could get no worse the Royals Caravan.
Which once upon a time stopped in California, Mo and then in later years moved on to the Jefferson City HyVee...

Well it looks like there will be no Royals Caravan in Mid-Missouri this year.
Just gravy huh ?

And while normally I'd probably be a "little" upset with that, all I can do this year is ROTFwLMAO* otherwise I'd go insane I bet.

*(Roll On The Floor while Laughing My Armpit-hairs Off)

And the sad part is, all season I'll be right here taking each dreaded, yet well welcomed Royals game in because I bled Royal Blue (when my diet is way out of whack that is). So bring on the 2010 season.

Oh and PS.
Misery is something I'm used to my football team is da Raiders. So whenever I get really ticked at the Royals I just look at a picture of JaMarcus Russell

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog I love you !!!
If your a single lady my email is .... :)

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