Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, Farwell to TRT

It seems like Rick Ankiel signing has revived the Royals blogsphere. That is super great to see and I'm loving it.

But during all this I must point out the lose of The Royal Treatment one of the great Royals blogs and I'm sure it will be missed by all.
Losing a fellow Royals blog is kind of like a band breaking up.
So I wanted to say my farewell's to TRT. And Jack we wish you the best in whatever your next endeavor is.

And since your here I wanted to announce to all my readers that I am NOT retiring to pursue priesthood.

Have a great weekend and be safe


  1. Hey, Ray, the blog is up and running again! Feel free, everyone, to check it out. Posting here might be a wee bit sporadic throughout the season since I will commit heavily to Royals Prospects, Greg Schaum's new Royals site, and Left of the Foul Pole, the official Royals site for 610 Sports. Here is The Royal Treatment, resurrected!

  2. Look here young man, your making me look bad.You're worse then Farve.

    I'll link you back up.