Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow it's already 2010.
I hope the year is great for everyone especially the Royals baseball club.
I hope the blog has a good year but I think 2010 may end up being pretty rough on RoRetc but we'll see.

But now on to the Royals,
It's January 5th and are biggest signing so far is Jason Kendall. That could very well be a good thing but there is still quite a few guys in the unemployment line that could help the team out.
Some are cheap some not:

Hank Blalock
Marcus Thames
Rocco Baldelli
Jack Cust
Jermaine Dye
Vladimir Guerrero
Jim Thome
Geoff Jenkins
Eric Hinske
Wily Mo Pena
Jonny Gomes

Brandon Backe
Aroldis Chapman
Doug Davis
Jon Garland
Rich Hill
Pedro Martinez
Brett Myers
Chien-Ming Wang
Jarrod Washburn

And a whole slew of relivers.

Now I'm not saying that we should sign any of these guys.
I just don't trust Dayton (as much) anymore.
And signing them could delay younger players like Mitch Maier, and Brian Anderson.
But the above stated players would make the team better or at least on a milb contract give us some depth that we really don't have. I'd love to get quite a few of those guys on milb deals.
That would make my day.

Sorry for the rambling guys.
Please, please, please vote in the Ray W Awards I only have one vote so far and times almost up.......

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