Friday, January 22, 2010

AnKKKKKeil Thoughts

Well as you already know by now the Royals have "pending a physical" added Center Fielder Rick Ankiel. The 30 year old pitcher gone wild, gone outfield, gone disabled American.
But like all great has been players he'll attempt to restore his career with the Royals and then bolt town. Of course he could simply go away like Juan Gone or Paul Abbott*.

I remember when Ankiel was somewhat of a star but his batting average has slowly decrease:
  • 2007 .285
  • 2008 .264 (down 21 points)
  • 2009 .231 (down 33 points) (51 totals since 06)
And OBP wise he's been right at .330 until last year when he had an OBP of .285 but that along with his declined SLG could be attributed to his near death blind date with the outfield wall.
I'm sure it was that and not the fact he'll be 31 in July.

But 47 Home Runs in 3 years gives him an average Home Run rate of around 16 a year.
Add that to the high K rate (109 in 2008) and you've got a first rate Royals player.

True he's got a great arm and he's a sweet fielder but on offense he's not really much of an upgrade over Mike Jacobs.

Of course there is always a story within the story, and this time it could be good.
Greg Schaum seems to think that Rick Ankiel could spell the end of Jose Guillen in Kc but it also means that DDJ or Albero Callaspo could hit the road.
So that has a big haul on if signing Rick was a good signing or not.....

Bottom line is in my opinion the Royals are hoarding has been outfielders so for now Rick Ankiel will join the list of outfielders,
  • Brian Anderson
  • David DeJesus
  • Jarrod Dyson
  • Jose Guillen
  • Mitch Maier
  • Jordan Parraz
  • Scott Podsednik
  • Rick Ankiel
Bottom line is Rick is 30, he's coming back from an injury and has a declining batting average. He'll help out in CF but in three year has never played more then 122 games in a season so I don't expect more then a Coco Crisp like season and the bottom line is, ...... whatever.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the news all from

Ankiel, a left-handed bat, can help make up for the home runs lost when Miguel Olivo (23), Mike Jacobs (19) and Teahen (12) departed. Or that's the thought, anyway.

And, over in the Royals' front office they're saying, in the words of one exec, "We're much more athletic than we were last year."


In return for Crisp and Jacobs, two guys who were counted on to amp up the offense, they traded away relievers Ramon Ramirez and Leo Nunez. Seemed pretty reasonable at the time.

"Everybody thought we had the greatest offseason in the history of whatever and people in the game were saying we did as good as anybody in improving the team," a Royals official said.


The first report of the deal, worked out with super agent Scott Boras' firm, came late Thursday night on

Royals general manager Dayton Moore said: "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on any deal at this time."

And that sums up the whole thing in my opinion.

*(acquired via trade)

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