Thursday, January 28, 2010

RT: Fangraphs' asks AAA team or Kc ?

Who's lineup is better Durham or Kansas City ? To be precise.

Sorry about posting twice today, right back to back even.

But this is to great not to post something about.

I remember when the Rays sucked almost worse then us but they signed the right guys and built up there farm system. While we simply over paid for average players.

So now I'd say those lineups would be pretty evenly matched. Of course I'm still counting on us to find a way to trade DeJesus. And take home the worst lineup prize.....

What are your all's thoughts on the article ?

Why the Royals should sign Eric Bedard

Because signing "Eric" Bedard means we wouldn't sign "Erik Bedard" haha that's funny.

But really the Royals are showing interest in Erik according to our good ole buddy Samy M.
He points out that the Royals would need to shed some payroll first in order to sign the injured pitcher, who will miss the beginning of the season.

So I must ask why couldn't we get a deal done ? We could offer somewhere in the range of $ 2.5-3.5 million + many incentives and a mutual option next year around $11 million.
But why take that risk ? I mean he might turn that down .

So here's what I'd do if I were Dayton.
Trade DeJesus, and then sign Bedard to a 2 year $24 million deal. Then everybody would be happy. And I could say we once again raised payroll and that we are going to compete this year. (Not win, but compete)
In fact the only thing better would be to find a way to trade Callaspo for a 28 year old Single A pitcher who throw a fastball 88-90 MPH. Of course I'm just ranting now but hey it was kind of fun and was based more in reality then most historical novels.

Bottom line Erik Bedard signed cheap, well it could be a heck of a deal.
If he goes back to his Baltimore days (like Ponson before he was traded to the Giants) we have got ourselves a great bargain.
Then again we could have another case of the Elarton-Lima-Mays-Tomko-syndrome in which he'll completely suck but the front office keeps him around. And then right when they HAVE GOT to cut him he'll have a good game and pitch 6 more bad starts.

Therefore with that in mind IF we signed Bedard it would depends solely on if the Royals front office is willing to give up if it fails. Judging by last years Ponson experiment, we know that would never happen.

I repeat myself once more, IF Bedard signs with us odds are I'll like the deal but it can't be perfect. The Royals seemingly find a way to screw up just about everything so we'll see.

Finally, I thought I'd done found Trey Hillman or Dayton Moore on MLBTR but it was just kcmike11:

We need a lefty ...........

And better yet from another commenter:
"0 comments" --- quintessential Royals. No interest. The only things they have going for them are nice uniforms, Kaufman Stadium, and Billy Butler.

That means the commenter was NOT our buddy Corey, because they said The K was actually good. (Good enough to beat PNC at attendance).
I should probably drop this Corey thing, eventually........

PS. Best of luck to Jimmy Gobble in Colorado, the only Royals player to have one of his baseball cards on my Christmas tree, an ole Topps Total.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, Farwell to TRT

It seems like Rick Ankiel signing has revived the Royals blogsphere. That is super great to see and I'm loving it.

But during all this I must point out the lose of The Royal Treatment one of the great Royals blogs and I'm sure it will be missed by all.
Losing a fellow Royals blog is kind of like a band breaking up.
So I wanted to say my farewell's to TRT. And Jack we wish you the best in whatever your next endeavor is.

And since your here I wanted to announce to all my readers that I am NOT retiring to pursue priesthood.

Have a great weekend and be safe

AnKKKKKeil Thoughts

Well as you already know by now the Royals have "pending a physical" added Center Fielder Rick Ankiel. The 30 year old pitcher gone wild, gone outfield, gone disabled American.
But like all great has been players he'll attempt to restore his career with the Royals and then bolt town. Of course he could simply go away like Juan Gone or Paul Abbott*.

I remember when Ankiel was somewhat of a star but his batting average has slowly decrease:
  • 2007 .285
  • 2008 .264 (down 21 points)
  • 2009 .231 (down 33 points) (51 totals since 06)
And OBP wise he's been right at .330 until last year when he had an OBP of .285 but that along with his declined SLG could be attributed to his near death blind date with the outfield wall.
I'm sure it was that and not the fact he'll be 31 in July.

But 47 Home Runs in 3 years gives him an average Home Run rate of around 16 a year.
Add that to the high K rate (109 in 2008) and you've got a first rate Royals player.

True he's got a great arm and he's a sweet fielder but on offense he's not really much of an upgrade over Mike Jacobs.

Of course there is always a story within the story, and this time it could be good.
Greg Schaum seems to think that Rick Ankiel could spell the end of Jose Guillen in Kc but it also means that DDJ or Albero Callaspo could hit the road.
So that has a big haul on if signing Rick was a good signing or not.....

Bottom line is in my opinion the Royals are hoarding has been outfielders so for now Rick Ankiel will join the list of outfielders,
  • Brian Anderson
  • David DeJesus
  • Jarrod Dyson
  • Jose Guillen
  • Mitch Maier
  • Jordan Parraz
  • Scott Podsednik
  • Rick Ankiel
Bottom line is Rick is 30, he's coming back from an injury and has a declining batting average. He'll help out in CF but in three year has never played more then 122 games in a season so I don't expect more then a Coco Crisp like season and the bottom line is, ...... whatever.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the news all from

Ankiel, a left-handed bat, can help make up for the home runs lost when Miguel Olivo (23), Mike Jacobs (19) and Teahen (12) departed. Or that's the thought, anyway.

And, over in the Royals' front office they're saying, in the words of one exec, "We're much more athletic than we were last year."


In return for Crisp and Jacobs, two guys who were counted on to amp up the offense, they traded away relievers Ramon Ramirez and Leo Nunez. Seemed pretty reasonable at the time.

"Everybody thought we had the greatest offseason in the history of whatever and people in the game were saying we did as good as anybody in improving the team," a Royals official said.


The first report of the deal, worked out with super agent Scott Boras' firm, came late Thursday night on

Royals general manager Dayton Moore said: "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on any deal at this time."

And that sums up the whole thing in my opinion.

*(acquired via trade)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2009 Ray W Awards

It's that time of year again, well actually I'm late this year but who really cares.
Tonight the 2009 Ray W Awards are revealed to the public all winners were voted in by there peers, or fans, or well both.
Tonight's show is dedicated to the lasting memory's of Corey H and Emil Brown, one of whom I liked and one of whom I don't really care for. You be the judge, but for now enjoy the 2009 Ray W Awards !!
And the Winner of Best Royals Blog

Royals Centricity

This successful spin-off blog really had a great year in 2009 and in the end the votes were tallyed and Old Man Duggan came out on top. Royals Review somehow comes in second for the second straight year.

Best Royals Blog Award Winnners
2008: Rany on the Royals
2009: Royals Centricity


Best New Royals Blog goes to.......

Kings of Kauffman

Who edges out Fire Dayton Moore for the honor.
Wally Fish really has done quite a nice job with the site. But not linking to RoRetc isn't one of them.

Best New Royals Blog Award Winners
2008: Royally Speaking
2009: Kings Of Kauffman


And the Best Royals Relief Pitcher of 2009 was........

Robinson Tejeda

Seriously when Soria is forbid from winning the award and the setup men are Farnsy and Cruz, Robbie is the clear winner in this one.

Best Royals Relief Pitcher Award Winners
2008: Ramon Ramirez
2009: Robinson Tejeda


The IRTGFNORRP goes to.......

Zack Greinke

An award that was made for guys like Ryan Freel, Willie Bloomquist and Lenny DiNardo.
I mean last years winner was Jeff Fulchino !!!
But still ZG's season was unforgettable so the Cy Young winner also gets the
"IRTGFNORRP Award" because when your hot you're named Zack Greinke.
(Apologies to Ryan Freel for getting cheated out this year)

"IRTGFNORRP Award" Winners
2008: Jeff Fulchino
2009: Zack Greinke

Best Royals Board........

Royal Board

Funny because all we did was drop an "s" from the award to get the winner.

Best Royals Board Award Winners
2008: Board
2009: Royal Board

Best Royals Sportswriter:

Joe Posnanski

Sam tried hard to repeat and came close but face it Joe had a killer year. Greinke and Posnanski made it a great year for the Royals when really it was horrible.

Best Royals Sportswriter Award Winners
2008: Sam Mellinger
2009: Joe Posnanski

Best Royals Prospect Blog:

The Pipeline
What back to back years has been the closest race this year The Pipeline edges The Royal Tower. And it was close again came down to one second place vote. Congrats to Ken on the win and I really hope you'll find the time and will to continue this year.

Best Royals Prospect Blog Award Winners
2008: The Royal Tower
2009: The Pipeline


The Overall Best Royals site is .........

Royals Review

For the second straight year the juggernaut that is Royals Review can't be stopped. Royals Authority comes in second.

Overall Best Royals Site Award Winners
2008: Royals Review
2009: Royals Review


Best Restaurant........


Hey don't blame me blame Royals Review for this one... ZG's Chipolte came in second, Burger King third.

Best Restaurant Award Winners
2008: Sonic
2009: Hooters

Best Royals Executive is.....

JJ Picollo
Mike Arbuckle

A tie !!! If the Royals don't win then why should an executive right ?

Best Royals Executive Award Winners
2009: JJ Picollo + Mike Arbuckle


Royals Prospect of The Year..........

Mike Montgomery

Montgomery had a great season last year and we look forward to an even bigger 2010 from Mike. Want to know more about Mike ? I suggest reading one of the fine Royals Prospect blogs mentioned earlier.

Royals Prospect of The Year Award Winner
2009: Mike Montgomery


Best Kc Radio Personality............

Greg Schaum

Out of the Big Four:Nick Wright, Soren Petro, Steven St. John, and Greg. Greg recieved the most love from the Royals fans. And of course it was all well deserved. I'd say Greg was the face of the Royals radio scene.

(PS. Greg sorry I never got the post up about Jacobs, the New K, and the wind. I never got the info I needed from the Royals. But Jacobs didn't rake so I was right. Thanks so much for allowing me to guest)

Best Kc Radio Personality Award Winner:
2009: Greg Schuam

Best Soda goes to ....


Because they have all sorts of spam out there in the Outfield. (Pepsi Party Porch)
Because they spents millions to change there logo, only to later go to "Pepsi throwback" made with REAL SUGAR.
And Finally,
Because they won't have a single ad in the Super Bowl. (That's gotta suck)

Best Soda Award Winner
2009: Pepsi


Finally the Awards I give out:

Special Achievement Award goes to ....

Zack Greinke

For all he did for the Royals this summer without him, well it'd have been just another sucky season.

Special Achievement Award Winners
Joe Posnanski
2009: Zack Greinke


Best Royals on Radio Affiliate

Omaha 590 AM (Nebraska)

Best Royals on Radio Affiliate Winners
Versailles 95.1 (Missouri)
2009: Omaha 590 AM (Nebraska)


Thanks for watching uh, I mean reading. Congratulations if your a winner.
Also if you won feel free to post your acceptance speech in the comments.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I don't care this off season

At least in off seasons past Dayton Moore has entertained the Royals fan base with targets like Torii Hunter, Gil Meche, and other big fish.
Of course we all remember the Jose Guillen signing that back fired but still most off seasons there is some hope that Dayton will land a whopper (but no OBP Whales) or at least act like he's fighting for it before the fishing line gets snapped.

This year though things were different and the big name around Royals camp from the begining was Scott Podsenik ?

Really Scott Podsenik ?

And I was really getting anxious with the Brian Anderson signing, I thought Scotty he might slip away from us.....


He's ours now.

And wait we might still be looking for more (speedy, old, powerless,lack of OBP helps) outfielders yet !!!

Yes it's just been really, really, really hard to follow this team.
(Although Noel really helped)
I, I was hoping for another nice 5th starter myself maybe a 1 year deal for Washburn or Davis.
(Sorry for the stutter)

Hey but at least we've landed Ned Yost, who I must say reminds me of Trey Hillman for some reason.

And just when you thought the dreaded off season could get no worse the Royals Caravan.
Which once upon a time stopped in California, Mo and then in later years moved on to the Jefferson City HyVee...

Well it looks like there will be no Royals Caravan in Mid-Missouri this year.
Just gravy huh ?

And while normally I'd probably be a "little" upset with that, all I can do this year is ROTFwLMAO* otherwise I'd go insane I bet.

*(Roll On The Floor while Laughing My Armpit-hairs Off)

And the sad part is, all season I'll be right here taking each dreaded, yet well welcomed Royals game in because I bled Royal Blue (when my diet is way out of whack that is). So bring on the 2010 season.

Oh and PS.
Misery is something I'm used to my football team is da Raiders. So whenever I get really ticked at the Royals I just look at a picture of JaMarcus Russell

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog I love you !!!
If your a single lady my email is .... :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow it's already 2010.
I hope the year is great for everyone especially the Royals baseball club.
I hope the blog has a good year but I think 2010 may end up being pretty rough on RoRetc but we'll see.

But now on to the Royals,
It's January 5th and are biggest signing so far is Jason Kendall. That could very well be a good thing but there is still quite a few guys in the unemployment line that could help the team out.
Some are cheap some not:

Hank Blalock
Marcus Thames
Rocco Baldelli
Jack Cust
Jermaine Dye
Vladimir Guerrero
Jim Thome
Geoff Jenkins
Eric Hinske
Wily Mo Pena
Jonny Gomes

Brandon Backe
Aroldis Chapman
Doug Davis
Jon Garland
Rich Hill
Pedro Martinez
Brett Myers
Chien-Ming Wang
Jarrod Washburn

And a whole slew of relivers.

Now I'm not saying that we should sign any of these guys.
I just don't trust Dayton (as much) anymore.
And signing them could delay younger players like Mitch Maier, and Brian Anderson.
But the above stated players would make the team better or at least on a milb contract give us some depth that we really don't have. I'd love to get quite a few of those guys on milb deals.
That would make my day.

Sorry for the rambling guys.
Please, please, please vote in the Ray W Awards I only have one vote so far and times almost up.......