Thursday, December 9, 2010

Frenchy Yost and Melk

So as I know, you already know, the Royals have signed Jeff Francoeur to a 1 year $2.5m dollar one year fling with a mutual option for 2012 if both sides hit it off. Not a surprise at all as 99.687 percent of Royals fans knew this day was looming, the only real shocker is that it didn't happen sooner. I mean we all knew this was coming folks. I guess the real shocker is Jeff Francoeur is still only going to be 27 and is actually younger then Zack Greinke as shocking as that sounds, considering he's been "loved" in Atlanta, New York, and Texas. And when it comes to guys with career OBP of .310 you can do worse right ?

Now for the Yost part of the blog post, in case you happened to miss it in yesterday's Star. Ned Yost had this to say:
“Next year is the (true) beginning of the process,” he said. “We’re another year closer to getting those kids ready to being in the big leagues. It’s going to be a pivot

So those of you who've been trusting the process for the last couple of years....

You were trusting in something that hadn't even started yet.

And since I'm lazy and didn't get this posted yesterday.....
The Royals have almost reached a one year deal with Melky Cabrera on a one year $1.25m deal. Which means it looks like it may be the end of the line for Alex Gordon and or Mitch Maier in Kc.

Finally in keeping with the innuendos of earlier in the Rule 5 draft today the Royals selected (to) Adcock, Nate a right-handed pitcher from the Pirates organization. But the Rule 5 draft was somewhat bitter sweet as we say goodbye to one season phenom Rowdy Hardy who was selected by the Braves in the AAA phase.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tenders and Greinke

Well first let's start with yesterday's news, the deadline to offer arbitration. Everyone with the exception of Josh Fields was signed (Betemit and Pena) or offered arb. (Everyone else).
Not really any surprises there except maybe that Kyle Davies was offered arbitration, next year he's really going to have to step up his game.
The contracts of Wilson Betemit and Bryan Pena are great in my opinion, only $1m, and $660K respectively. Bringing back Betemit for only a million is a great bargain for the Royals if he can build off last years career resurrecting season. And Brayan Pena, well I've always been a Pena fan and you guys already know that, hopefully he'll be able to have another 2009 like season. During the Dutton article we are reminded of this shocker:
“I think we’re pretty content with what we have,” Moore said.“Kendall is going to be back at some point in time.
Like most I had all but forgotten that Jason was even still alive, seems like when you don't see Jason every single day on the field, well you kind of forget he still walks this earth. But seriously Kendall is going to come back sometime next season? From a torn rotator-cuff, in late August......

And while we're at it their are quite a few non-tender guys the Royals should look into, first on the list is long time Sox closer Bobby Jenks. Sure we have Joakim Soria as a far better closer, and Jenks won't be cheap, at all. But I've hated him so much that I'd love to have him for some perverted reason. Other guys that would be great additions if signed cheap enough: Taylor Buchholz, Travis Buck, D.J. Carrasco (always been a fan of DJ), Tony Gwynn Jr, Edwin Encarnacion, Lastings Milledge (still on 26 on opening day 2011), Andrew Miller, etc. And hopefully I'll be able to go more in depth on all the non tenders I'd like for us to look at maybe Monday if I get the chance.

Zack Greinke is still in trade talks and now it's back to evolving the Jays, as they compete ferociously with the Rangers and maybe Yankees. According to the Toronto Sun the guy the Royals would want most in a potential deal is, and I quote:
And now this week Drabek is the man the Royals want as the Jays try to acquire another ace.
And that would also have to include a couple other prospects but I'm not really the best guy to talk with about prospects. But still with so much talent on the way is it really a good idea for the Royals to be dealing their ace and only real star (besides Soria). ? The offer would have to be pretty incredible in my opinion. It's questionable at best and we'll have to wait and see but I've always thought a sure thing is better then an if. I mean a ace in the hold beats two birds in the bush, especially if those birds are Jays...... Right ?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Welcome Back !

Well it's been a horribly rough year for me and the Royals but we'll make it through this just like any couple who wants it bad enough. So thanks for coming back to read my nonsense again folks.
The third annual Ray W awards will be coming your way with the nominations coming soon and the actual awards coming early January. But for now.......

It appears that so far the only big news since the Giants world series win on the Royals front is the farewell of Brian Bannister and Victor Marte, and a few others*. Well of course that and the fact that Zack Grienke is so much closer to being a New York Yankee or a Texas Ranger. Weird enough as that sounds is that there are a few people around Royals fanosphere that are actually in favor of trading Zack. The reason behind that being that they feel that since Zack doesn't want to be a Royal we should get rid of him and that's a fine idea but do we really trust Dayton and company to get the full haul for him ? Right now is not the time, maybe if the right deal comes along but seriously Greinke is the Royals biggest star right now and to a lot of the average fans trading ZG, well it'd be a big ole slap in the face.

On the free agency side the only name I've heard has been Kevin Millwood.....
Let that sink in for a minute, perhaps this would have been good news in 2000, or even 2006. But it's going to be the 2011 season and Kevin Millwood was 4 - 16 last season with a 5.10 ERA.
Sure it's not atrocious by Royals standards and Kevin is a gamer, but perhaps that is the problem. Everyone has got to have that worry in the back of their mind that it's just another Joe Mays, Scott Elarton, Sidney Ponson type of pitcher and thats perfect for the Royals plans to stay below-average.

*I didn't mention it when it happened and I'm not going to mention it now, David DeJesus was a great player injury's and all, and to trade him for the return they got...... I sure hope I'm wrong on this one.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Six run leads don't mean a thing !!!

To the White Sox that is. Gosh what a horrible game. What is their to say really other then the fact that as I told anyone who would listen last year, that Brayan Pena is legit ! But hey we're all Royals fans here we all know the drill. Nothing should really shock us anymore other then the fact we signed a 2nd Round NFL draft pick in Pat White. You'd think a team as bad as my Raiders would want in on the former West Virginia star. I always thought he'd make a great QB but heck I thought the same about Seneca Wallace. But enough about the NFL.
Heck after today's Royal imploding at the hands of O'Sullivan and company it'd be to easy too point out that even though he has a 6.28 in 16 appearances maybe Carlos Rosa 25 would be a nice guy to have in the pen, oh well. And don't even get me started on Ramon Ramirez !!
I guess in closing I should say it's a good thing the Royals took my advice and gave Wilson Betemit some playing time. But now I must pitch my case for another player...... Guys it's September 12th the season is dead for us do you think it would kill the team to give Jarrod Dyson some playing time ???

Thanks for reading please continue on for a quick public service announcement........
Hello Dear Reader,
Let me start by saying I've always hated blogs that don't post much at all and I'm afraid that's what RoRetc has been reduced to. At the moment I've only posted 40 times all year and that's a far cry from were it should be. And unfortunately I don't know if that will be changing now that the year is almost over. So it would be just plain awesome, if I could get you to go to the vote in the little poll over in top right. If you all are still reading enjoy even just a little bit please say so. Because if no one cares the end of RoRetc may be closer then you know.
Thanks as always,

Ray W

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yesterday's Game

Is exactly the reason why it has been so hard to get into this team. 4 runs on 16 hits ?
Are you kidding me that is ridicules !!!! And not to mention giving up 15 runs to the the apathetic Indians. Yep the Injuns managed to score 15 runs on 17 hits.
Think about if we could have magically gotten 1 lousy extra hit we would have had 11 more runs !!

But of course baseball never works like that especially when the box score reveals in damning black and white the ugly culprit.

16 Men Left On Base

What ever happened to no man left behind ?

I mean apart from 4 for 4 Gregor Blanco it was a most horrendous outing.
(Meanwhile Mike Kafka was busy beating the Chiefs for whatever it's worth)

But what do you see being wrote about it ?
Absolutely nothing because Royals fans have became so immune to the virus that is the Royals we just take it as "part of the process".

(Something just happened, let's go live to my thoughts)

[Oh my gosh Indians just hit a walk of home run, thinks to Yabuta look a like Jesse Chavez.]
God bless the Royals !
[I hate the freakin' sacrifice bunt so much !!!]

Oh well what's one to do but hope for a win tomorrow, on my birthday (Better wish me a happy one).
What am I talking about "hope", bleh, a miracle is what we need !!

Anyway at least before he reverted back to his old self, Bryan Bullington gave us a moment we can hold dear forever........

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview with Royalman

Here is an interview with Royalman the super hero seen around Kauffman Stadium. I started the interview in April and kept putting it off for some reason.
It was very unprofessional of me so for that I once again apologize to the caped wonder Royalman. (Please don't use your superfan powers to extract revenge on me)

Without further ado the much anticipated interview...

** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **

What is Royalman ?

Royalman is a superfan just like the Chiefs have. He was born because at the time I was unaware of the other Royals super fan and felt the Royals needed one. It wasn't fair that only the Chiefs had that kind of love.

What is his goal as the Royals superfan ?

Something for fans to grab onto and get into the games more and just make Royals games more fun. Pretty much be as respected in town as the Chiefs Superfans are

How long have you been a Royals fan ?

My whole life. Growing up in central Nebraska its all we had.

Is the team going in the right direction ?

Yes 2012 is going to be a great year we just have to get through this year and next.

Best and worst reception Royalman has received ?

Best reception Nick Wright and Shan Shariff giving me love on the radio.
People in general wanting pics. Worst. 810 radio saying they didn't like me. Saying my suit looked too tight. But it was probably just one persons opinion.

Really no love from 810 ? Perhaps they were just jealous. Gotta ask you though for Royals games you have you ever made the Radio or tv ?

No one has asked me into the booths. Chris Coats (Superfan Chris) does get a lot of love from FSN KC but never actually been on the air. BTW I will be on 1510 AM in KC in about an hour. They want to interview me

Does Royalman ever just wonder the streets or is he only found at the K ?

I was found with Superf@n Chris at JP Wine Bar after the game last night and a few months ago went into Clancy's in Blue Springs as Royalman cause I have friends who work there but mostly its a just at the K thing.
I also Karaoke at Saints on 95th and Quivera on Tuesday nights

Most you've paid for a Royals hat ?

Most I paid for a hat is honestly like $10. My favorite hats are some of the ones I got free at the K.

Favorite Royals moment ?

Since I was only 5 when the World Series happened my favorite moments are last year where Willy Bloomquist was on 3rd and Dejesus flew out scoring Bloomy for a come back when or couple years ago on Negro League day when the Royals came back from like 10 down on the Giants. Most everyone had given up and left and the Royals had a huge inning. Also the fast start last year giving us a bit of hope was pretty great too.

And finally what would Royalman at bat music be ?

LOL If I was a closer I would come out to Another One bites the Dust or maybe Akon's Dangerous as a batter. I'd probably change it a lot.

** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **

Once again a big apology and thanks to Royalman. Be sure and add him on Facebook here.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

An instant cult hero

I always liked that card a 2003 Topps Bazooka.
But like so many things in life Bullington's career went on a path that no one could have guessed on draft day 2002 when the Pirates made him the 1st overall pick.

But as he struggled with the Pirates, Indians, and Jays there was always that inkling that the #1 overall pick would eventually prove everyone he could do it.

That subtle faintness like the breath of a smoker even hours after their last smoke, as faint as it is it's still there.

But as the years passed by the smiling rookie card would be all that Bryan would be remembered for.

Until now !

With his dazzling performance in today's game against the hated Yankee's (sorry Yankee fans I can't stand your team) he became an instant Royals cult hero.

8 Innings of scoreless pitching against the hated Yanks leading to the Royals to a 1-0 victory for the first shutout of the Bronx bombers since 1993 and the first 1-0 victory since 1972. (Thanks to Royals Kingdom for that info)

So after 7 years of toil Bryan Bullington has finally won his first major league baseball game, and because this isn't a playoff team the win couldn't have been any bigger. 2-2 split with the Yanks way to go guys.

PS. In case you didn't know it let me quote Yankeeist:
- Joakim Soria is really freaking good at pitching.

There you have it.
As always thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still Around

Like I'm always saying sorry for not posting much at all this year. I've just found it so hard to keep following this team. I mean it's one think to suck but still be fun to watch and another to just suck.
It's like a minor league team without all the zany antics and cool craziness.

I mean the team just isn't that fun.

There really are no big exciting play makers. Zack Greinke doesn't think we're improving fast enough and neither do I. This team is just embarrassing right now.

Jason Kendall everyday is hard enough to swallow all season, at least now Ned Yost is going to give Brayan Pena more starts
"hes had 8 starts and I'm going to try and give him 15 between now and the end of the year at least"

Try. Yep try it's all we ever do and now we're going to be competitive in 2012. Yep competitive, mediocre, 3rd in the Central thats what we want.

And I'm sorry but the Royals Radio Network just hasn't had as much pop this year without Denny on so many road trips, and don't even get me started on FSN Kc.

The franschise continues to live in the past always celebrating the 1985 team, the 1980 team and thats all fine and dandy but what about celebrating a team that I was at least alive to see. Wonder how often the Cubs celebrate the 1908 champs ?

It's just hard to get behind a team that has AAAA talent.

Look just as I type that Betemit fumbled a ball at third. Gotta love it.

Go Royals,
Ray W

Monday, August 2, 2010

Trading For Sport

Well my internet has been down so I haven't gotten a chance to say anything about "The Trade" making me the last active Royals blogger to have my say. But thank God my internet is back.
So Farnsworth and Ankiel for Jesse Chavez, Gregor Blanco, and Tim Collins.

So what do I think about the trade ?

Farnsworth is gone isn't he ? That alone makes the trade one of the biggest we'll ever see ! And Rick Ankiel the Braves will be lucky if he can stay healthy the rest of the season. So I think this is one of the best trades Dayton has made. Sure he's the guy who signed Farnsy to a crazy ridiculous deal and then wouldn't cut him but at least he's gone now. The Braves must be desperate...

And the guys we received aren't half bad at all, I mean Gregor is a very interesting acquisition and could become a pretty nice outfielder not an all-star but he could be a nice pickup. Chavez doesn't look like much after his outing yesterday but he's an upgrade over Kyle. And I must say I really like "Tiny Tim".

Now I must admit it's to bad that the Royals couldn't pawn off Guillen, in fact it's a horrible shame. Of course the Royals did bring up Kila Ka'aihue but as always are going to let him rot away on the bench just like Justin Huber. I still wonder what Huber could have done had he been given a chance to get 100+ AB's at the MLB level in one season. Guillen better be gone before August 31st....

And what's funny is I belong to a Royals list that has to be rarer then a conservative in a gay bar. And by that I mean their are quite a few Cardinals fan and a they don't want Kila playing everyday but who cares about them.

In closing I will say one of my all time favorite Royals deadline deals was Rudy Seanez for Abraham Nunez. Man I was a big Nunez and Chip Ambres fan. Also be sure and tell me if you like the new page design.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The End Was In Sight

Well here I am back from a near comatose state as far as following the Royals. In fact last Sunday I had a revelation and even wrote a eulogy for this here blog.

As I sat at my house having barely watched or even listened that many games this year dreaming about being in St.Louis at the Scream The Prayer tour or even in Kc at WWE's PPV Money In Bank that's when it hit me I really didn't have a reason to follow the team.

No you try blogging about a perennial loser (Not annual annual means 1 year perennial means more then one year, thanks go to my former employer Bonnie Plants for that info), try having a broadcaster and a player both agree to do interviews and then never get back. Try having a guy agree to write for you only to have him blow to you off.

Yeah it really gets pretty freakin annoying. So ya I found it incredibly hard to keep the blog going. Couple that with the fact that I hate blogs that only post once in a great while and the fact that new Royals sites that don't have or want the same camaraderie that the blogoshpere at one time had. And the fact that Denny Matthews very rarely goes on road trips anymore.

So yeah the end was there, it was bound to happen....

But then something happened that brought back the childhood joy of baseball, and really baseball is totally a child's game. I remember back in 2002 - 2007 when even though we never had a chance of competing it was still fun because you had no sabermetrics telling you the season was bust before it started. When trades were always made to improve the team. Legends
came guys like Tony Graffanino, Ken Harvey, Mendy Lopez etc. When I had complete trust in a reliever claimed off waivers named Chris Booker just because of his physical attributes (Big black guy, oh he was going to be a star).
That is what saved this blog from becoming another abandon site slowing up the gears of the internet right there next to myspace.

When the Royals made a trade that I would normally blast all day long trading the second best hitter of last year's team Alberto Callaspo for a starter named Sean O'Sullivan and minor leaguer Will Smith whose ERA is threw the roof.

That is when the magic came back the same magic I felt as a 12 year old in 2003 watching Jose Lima (R.I.P) pitch, the same excitement I had when the Royals traded for Rondell White, Curtis Leskanic, and Brian Anderson.

I know it may seem weird but that trade along with watching the team get massacred by the Yankees has reawakened the baseball within me. That sense of hope among tragedy that maybe O'Sullivan is the next Royals Hall Of Famer !!!

So I'm still here I've got a fan page on Facebook for the blog and I'm giddy to see what the rest of
the season has in store for our beloved Royales.
Ray W out ~~~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MLB's two lost giants

First off let me say I have never been a fan of the Yankees and I never will be. But this week MLB, and even more to Yankees have lost two men that are synonymous with baseball.
So this is my final thoughts on these two giant baseball legends. They may have never thrown a pitch or every wrapped a single up the middle but they changed the game for the better.

Bob Sheppard (10/20/1910 - 7/11/2010)
Legendary and iconic PA announcer Bob Sheppard who was IMHO the best PA announcer I have ever heard. His voice echoed the halls of historic Yankee Stadium for 56 years.
Sheppard's first game was April 17, 1951. Mickey Mantle's first Opening Day and Joe DiMaggio's final, what a way for such a storied career to start. But before that he was a U.S. Naval Officer in World War II. He was a baseball icon in every sense of the word and will be missed not only by Yankees fans but by baseball fans everywhere.

George Steinbrenner (7/4/1930 – 7/13/2010)
Say what you will about him he was the best owner in all of baseball. He made the Yankees into the juggernaut they are today. Sure his flashing of the $$$ got on the nerves of us fans whose players we couldn't even resign yet alone offer $100mm contracts to free agents. But he understood that sometimes you have to spend money to make money.
Take a look at any country in the world and odds are you'll find at least someone in a Yankees hat, even if they've never seen a Yankees game in there lives. Sure George spent a ton but he also made a ton. Mr.Steinbrenner changed baseball forever, owners like David Glass and Drayton McLane would be best to pay heed and follow.

Here's to you Bob and George, you will be missed.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The All-Star Game Joke

Only one Royal Joakim Soria is on the 2010 MLB All-Star game and that would be great except for the fact that this year we are far more deserving of at least two. How about the fact that David DeJesus and Billy Butler were 9th and 10th in the whole MLB in batting Avg. Not just the AL but all of MLB. Oh and both were in the Top 10, in once again the whole MLB. And every other single member of the has either been selected to the AS team or is up for the final vote. But nope not the Royals.
It is simply because we don't have the biggest fan base the All-Star isn't about the best players in the game but it's all middle-school politics and who has the most friends.

A great outing bu Bruce Chen the other day, how amazing it would have been for Chen to get the perfecto. I remember last offseason I wasn't a fan of bringing Chen back but he has definitely improved and for that I am extremely thank full.

And finally I'd like to announce a new contributor to RoRetc will soon be here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Case for Sentiment to Betemit

(Someday red hot Wilson Betimit we get cold)

Not many Royals teams have the unique situation that the 2010 Royals have right now. I mean Willie Bloomquist has a mere 72 Ab's and it's almost July !! A lesser man would have already caused a ruckus in the clubhouse for sure but not good ole Willy.
But the reason I post today is for Mr. Wilson Betemit.
Please could you find it in your heart to open up a spot in the lineup for this poor neglected man. (For best results play a sad song while reading the above sentence).
I mean the numbers don't lie, they do NOT lie.
In only 21 Ab's he has:
10 hits resulting in a .476 Avg
6 of those hits are extra bases 3 Homers and 3 doubles resulting in a 1.048 SlG%
(During Jose Guillen's 21 game hit streak he only mustered 4XBH)
Heck the man has more total bases (22) then at bats (21).
Now I know there is a bit of a jam that prevents the journeyman from the lineup but seriously Betemit is having what could be a career year.
So why not follow the motto of "When Your Hot Your Hot" and then when he cools of to the "When your not your not" part stick him back on the bench.

Is it that much of an upgrade having Senor Betancourt who Frank White roughly said "Alot of people think he's the worst SS to ever play the game but I don't." And let's face it Chris Getz isn't a superhero either.
Betemit has in 21 Ab's the same amount of home runs as Rick "Missing In Action" Ankiel has through 62 Ab's not to mention a batting average .266 points higher.
So why won't Wilson get more playing time ? Because everyone wants Yuni at SS and that is that. Not even for a couple games can we insert WB into the lineup to maximize his torrid hot streak.

Oh and I must say I was really shocked the other day to see Brayan Pena behind the plate. For a second I thought maybe Kendall was just wearing a Pena jersey. And perhaps you were to say BP's having a bad year and doesn't deserve more AB's ? Well if you played as sporadically as him I'm sure you'd have the same problem. Why must backup catcher's like Jason LaRue get all the ab's ?

And in closing I would like to say congrats to Anthony Lerew on his first MLB win and how about that Victor Marte ? ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010

A giddy game for the Royals

So leading up to the I-70 series tonight. Not the rivalry, just the series according to Sammy M of the Star. And that was the big news this morning especially on the Royals yahoo board that is almost half full of Cardinals fans. That and which city has the better food and whether Redbird fans give a dang about the series.Which apparently according to the Cards fans on the Royal list-serve they don't. But hey I like to believe here in Mid-Missouri things are a little different, not an epic matchup but it's still a battle of the state, kinda like the lame preseason Rams-Chiefs game.

But hey it was game time and I was able to catch all of this game and enjoy it. I started watching on FSN Kc but Ryan just seems duller on the tv. And Frank I respect him but he kept rambling. I really like both guys but as you can see by the title of the blog it wasn't long before I was listening to Denny, Bob and Steve.
But not before I was able to answer the quiz question: Which three pitchers have the most wins at Kauffman since 2000 ?
Well my guess of May, Elarton, Ponson was no were near right. :)
But I got 4/5ths of the 2005 all lefty rotation to start the season Anderson,May,Affeldt, and Gobble. They said Reyes but that can't be right because he didn't join the rotation until mid season. So maybe they changed it but that's when I moved to the friendly confines of 1420 AM KRRL. In time to hear Denny say Alberto Callaspo looked liked Ricky Henderson.

Well it was great to finally get back into why I love baseball so much. A great game pitched by Zack Greinke and he seems to finally be getting some run support and pitching like last year.
And speaking of last years Zack a no-hitter by Edwin Jackson against his old team but he threw 149 pitches. Crazy.

Sorry for all the skipping but it's great to be back in reigns of RoRetc I'll be switching up the design a little bit and maybe adding a second author email me if your interested in an application.
God I love baseball.........and Anthony Lerew's sideburns.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I just realized

I still haven't watched or listened to a Royals game completely from start to finish yet this year.
That is a pretty depressing fact and could very well be the cause of why my posts have been so infrequent. But now that Yost is in charge and thing s are starting to settle down for me I hope to have some interviews coming up for you all in the near future.

But for now what an outing by Zack Grienke I can't tell you how worried I was starting to get about him. Not that I doubted him but that hie record might start getting to him a little bit but those 12 K's were a really really refreshing sight to see.

And face it sometimes you have to wait for good things, like oh say the playoffs. And my blog post's are way more frequent then that. But I know they are the highlight of your day so come Tuesday I will watch every moment of the game and then proceed to gripe/flaunt/Gload about it for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Draft time

If you really want to know about the Royals draft selections there are plenty of quality blogs who can tell you every single thing you'd ever want to know about Christian Colon and the other picks.
But for once in my life I really haven't researched the draft this year, sorry I just don't know about all the college and high school guys this year.

And what about Zack Grienke will he ever snap out of this winless funk ? I mean it in no way of his own his fault that he has lost this many. But his ERA has risen to 4.05. :)
Oh that 1-8 record is nasty to look at just imagine if he was a Yankee or Red Sok what his record would be. It's just one of those things I've found so frustrating this year.

And finally what about that Stephen Strasburg 14K's in 7 IP in his MLB debut. If he can stay healthy he'll be a phenom.

PS. I almost forgot tomorrow is the day I'll be expecting that phone call come the final round of the draft ;)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ricky !!!!!!! and who any MLB team should draft

I'm so glad to see that Mr.Parrish and Mr.Ankiel are starting rehab assignments. Mainly because I'd almost forgot who Rick Ankiel was haha.

I'd like to have a big RoRetc welcome to the new reliever Mark er I mean Kanekoa Texeira and from what I've seen he could become a great pitcher. And hey he was definitely an upgrade over Thompson.

Everyone go vote for Billy Butler, here.

Following the Jim Joyce scandal I have to say that everyone makes mistakes and Jim is one of the better umpires in the game. So with that much said I'm glad that MLB will not reverse the call, and that if MLB adds anymore instant replays (the home run one is a freakin joke) I am done with Major League Baseball. (As if this Topps is the exclusive trading card crap isn't enough ?)

And finally with the June amateur draft starting Monday I want to make it perfectly clear that although I will always have a spot in my heart for the Royals. That if anyone would want to draft me in the final round (what would it hurt ?), I'd love to became part of the team. I'm willing to relocate, my name (Raymond Wachter III) would be super cool in the media guide, plus I could blog, work in the front office, do janitor work, become a valued part of the radio broadcasts,(I have an amazing voice), anything, or maybe even become a scout.

Because according to the Royals Linda Smith: "You'll never became a baseball scout unless your a former MLB player." Makes you wonder how she got into scouting.

And of course don't you think the Royals owe me at least that much ?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weeked

I need to post more, and I will.
So how's everyone been ? Do you guys think Ned "Miracle Man" Yost is the Royals answer ?
I almost want to believe it's all been kind of a fluke but with Butler absolutely raking and overall everyone hitting above average. Well maybe not.

But still it's great to fantasize about the team going out and trading for Oswalt and Berkman and making a run at the playoffs. (Like I said it's still great to fantasize about). We'd end up giving up to much but hey after 25 years maybe it'd be worth it if we can get back up to .500.

I'll post more later...............

But for now enjoy the BBQ's and start of summer, and be sure to think our service men and women who keep us safe at home.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Ned Yost info from "Quevedo at the Buffet"

Earlier today I asked Quevedo at the Buffet:

And so I was wondering as someone who has watched him day in a day out if you could maybe tell us a little bit about Ned ? You know stuff we'll soon find out weird quirks,what his interviews are like etc.

And here is what they had to say.....

Alright, you want dirt on quirks and interview habits, we've got it:

Ned HATES the media, thinks they're a bunch of simple-minded, unathletic fools. He will defend his players to a fault, and he'll chide media members for failing to see all the little things that his players do to contribute.

You want examples? We've got examples:

Rickie Weeks was one of Yost's favorite players. When he came up, Weeks was an absolute butcher at second base. Ned refused to move him, and that's worked out OK, in the long run, as Weeks is now at least serviceable at second base. (More on that topic in a second.) But when Rickie was really scuffling in 2008, both in the field and at the dish, Ned didn't want to hear about it. First, Ned bristled when asked if he considered it odd that Weeks, who had a .324 OBP in May, was still fourth in the league in runs scored:

"That's not a weird stat. Rickie is a run-scorer," Yost said. "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. See, you guys have no concept. He's a run-scorer. So there's nothing weird about it. That's what he does."

Ned also refused to label Rickie an underachiever, despite the hype that accompanied a No. 2 overall draft pick:

"I wouldn't say he has underachieved," said Yost. "He has never been a .300 hitter (in the majors), so who says he is underachieving? He's working his way up. He's getting better in all phases of his game. For me, he has never underachieved because he never achieved up here. How can you say he has underachieved?"

Some other favorites:

In 2008, there was a famous dust-up in the Brewer dugout, as an irate Prince Fielder went nuts on pitcher Manny Parra. After the game, Yost was perturbed that reporters asked him what caused the fight:

"It’s a little bit rude when your neighbors are fighting next door for you to go knock on the door and ask what happened."

As you'll soon learn, managing the bullpen is not Ned's forte. For instance, in 2008, Yost insisted on using Guillermo Mota as his eighth-inning set-up guy, even when Mota had some spectacular and frequent flame-outs in that role. When asked why he continued to run Mota out there in the eighth inning, Yost matter-of-factly responded: "He's my eighth inning guy." The logic was almost overwhelming. Not to be outdone, Yost once inserted a washed-up Greg Aquino into a close game when other, more capable relievers were available. Asked why, Yost answered that Aquino fielded his position better.

Your new manager is also very high strung and prone to untimely fits of machismo. The Brewers were fighting to stay in the playoff race in 2007, and the players were showing signs of cracking under pressure. What did Ned do to steady the ship? Got himself tossed from three games at the end of September, including one in which he ordered Seth McClung to throw at Albert Pujols after a Brewer had been hit by a pitch earlier in the game. Yost's rationale for playing bean ball with a team that was out of contention? "These kids need to know at a time like this their manager is behind them." Behind them in the clubhouse, apparently.

As for the hitters, Ned developed a couple of curious habits with his line-ups. One was the so-called "money order": in the summer of 2008, Yost, almost without fail, used the same batting order -- 2B SS LF 1B RF 3B CF C P -- regardless of who was playing those positions. Thus, if J.J. Hardy got a day off and Craig Counsell got a start, Craig hit second, and if Laynce Nix subbed for Ryan Braun in left, Nix (yes, THAT Laynce Nix) hit third. The other quirk was Ned's "Sunday specials," when he'd put in most of his back-ups to give the regulars a blow. Of course, every manager wants to give his starters some rest during the season, and Sunday games often provide a great opportunity to do so, but Ned took this to the extreme, oftentimes sitting everyone but Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder on Sunday afternoons.

In the interest of equal time: Ned isn't completely worthless as a manager. Again, he'll stick up for his players at every opportunity, a trait which the players, especially the young ones, greatly appreciate. The players aren't looking over their shoulder every time something goes wrong, or hearing the skipper criticize them in the paper every day. When Yost was in Milwaukee he let guys like Hardy, Weeks, Prince and Braun just go out and play. He took the heat from the press, and was patient with them in their development. Whether that's going to be a benefit with the Royals -- who don't seem to be in the midst of a youth movement, given that you're running guys like Podsednik and Kendall and Ross Gload out there -- I don't know.

A big thanks again to Quevedo at the Buffet be sure and check them out for all your Brewers needs. Oh and here is they're post-on-Yost, be sure and check it out.

1 down 1 to go

Well that Royals have finally fired Trey Hillman which in and of itself is just lovely I've basically been bashing his use of the bullpen and horrid lineups since the very beginning. But of course this being the Kansas City Royals even Hillman's firing would come in a bizarre manner. Yes he was fired yesterday the 13th. But it was just the 11th when:
“Trey is a tremendous leader,” general manager Dayton Moore said, “somebody who is very consistent with who he is day in and day out. He’s exactly what our organization needs at this point in time.”
In fact that quote appears in the Wednesday's (12th) Star. So in one day Trey goes from being "EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED" to fired. That leads you to believe as he was quoted saying Dayton's "points in time are". Are very very short right ?
Just this morning on Facebook:
Bob Fescoe Royals GM Dayton Moore just told me exclusively that it will be an 8-10 year process to rebuild the Royals
But if you recall that article on the 12th:
(via Kc Star go buy one today it's well worth it and you get the great comic-strip Bizarro in the FYI section)

Moore reiterated his belief the Royals possess a roster capable of mounting a charge in the division race — but also issued a warning that changes in personnel are likely if the club doesn’t turn itself around.

“I believe in our baseball team,” he said. “I believe in the talent that we have here.”

And as I didn't mention before he was fired after a rare win, making it appear to the casual viewer who didn't watch the award show-esge Trey Hillman press conference were he thanked everyone including (insert loud obnoxious BOO's) Linda Smith .

And then he said that God had lead him to Kansas City meaning God must not be a Royals fan. haha

Any way I've been waiting for two years for this day and this is all I can manage to write. I had hoped it would be grand day and we'd be able to speculate some about the next manager but no welcome to the Ned Yost regime.
Trey Hillman's firing is a fine graduation present albeit my high school graduation isn't till Saturday so maybe, with one down and one to go, Dayton could be next ???

Ha you thought I was done.
And I was but there is just a few more things I must touch on, win-loss records.

Trey Hillman 152-207 .423
Ned Yost 457-502 .477
Chicken Wolf 14-51 .215

Although Mr.Wolf died in 1903 he surly would have been the better of the three managers to run the Royals at this point. Although his win loss record sucked big time with a name like "Chicken Wolf" Royals games would be much better. I mean it's been proven by science that the Royals can't win. So why not lose with style ?

In fact since the Royals hired Dick Howser after he was fired by the Yankees while going 103-60.
The Royals have went through 7 managers none of which have came to the Royals with a winning MLB record. And now Ned Yost can be added to that list. (And only one John Wathan left the Royals with a winning record).

Just thought I'd throw that out there

It really is kind of funny how things have worked.
Pena replaced Muser Yeah Pena
Bell replaces Pena. Yeah Bell
Hillman replaces Bell. Yeah for Hillman
Yost replaces Hillman Yeah Hillman is gone.

Never say things can't get worse........

Sunday, May 2, 2010

So long

Well since I last had time to write the Royals have made several moves and continued to play ball were it almost seems like at any moment they may just bust out and by some miracle actually compete at around the .500 mark. But then in the next moment you find yourself asking how in the world did these guys manage to win 10 out of 25 games ?

Just because I haven't found time to write doesn't mean I'm not watching believe me I am.

And how about the callup of Victor Marte that lasted one whole day ? Hello of course he can easily be optioned to AAA but what about Tejeda his ERA is absurd. But of course no Victor gets sent back down. And then to make matters worse I see Royals trade Carlos Rosa to D-Backs for SS.
I love it here we are cycling through relievers at a supersonic pace and we trade one of our better AAA pitchers. Oh well what can you say ?

So the big Royals news for today is the optioning of Alex Gordon to AAA (That and Greinke's performance one run allowed all game and he gets the loss). Gordon has just never lived up to the hype of being the "Next George Brett" . Of course I don't think this is the end of Alex's time in Kc but I doubt he'll be around for much longer. The Royals and draft picks just never seem to work out at all. Not that I'm saying AG won't become a star still, no I could definitely see him moving on to another team and finally breaking out into the star we always believed he could be. I just don't think Gordon will ever fully breakout as long as his jersey says "Royals" across the front.

And although this is my first post in what seems like forever please know that I had several in my head I would have loved to posted but didn't have a computer handy. Most of them though had to do with Trey Hillman's lack of managing skills.

And in case your wondering "So long" isn't my farewell but merely it's been so long since I last posted but hey after May plant season is over and after May 15th my High School days are over so I'll have plenty of time to waste following a team that as I've been reminded at the last graduation meeting "Haven't made the playoffs since before you were born".
([My response]But hey we came close in 2003)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bullpen Bullbluck

SO it was incredibly obvious to anyone who if they were just tuning in to a baseball game for the first time in there lives, that well Luis Mendoza sucked.
Seriously his line was like something out of a horror movie.
And not the psychological ones either but a pure gore-fest were there is no plot at all only a chainsaw and tons of gore. Yeah that is exactly what it's like to describe Mr. Mendoza's stat line.

But Juan Cruz ???
Are you freakin' kidding me ?
So what if he's not the greatest reliever but he's still 20X better then Farny was last year.
And his 3.38 ERA was so dang massive it obliterated the sun.
Geez why in the world are we releasing Cruz and keeping Tejeda and Hughes on the roster then ?
They both have ERA's over 9 and have actually walked more batters then they've struck out.

To me I think the obvious way to improve the pen would be to rid yourself of the worst pitchers instead of your 3rd best pitcher.

Damn it's so frustrating, 5 games and we're releasing Cruz. How many did it take for HoRam and Ponson to get jettisoned last year ?

Dayton if your reading this right now here's the word of the day, it describes you:


Look it up if you don't know what it means look it up.

And how about the so called cavalry that's on the way ?
Bruce Chen and Brad Thompson.
Just they're names set your heart a flutter....
Yeah I tried sorry I just can't put a positive spin on it. Between work and this kind of crap it's a wonder I even bother to still care.

Oh well, at least Allard Baird interviews were cool.........

Monday, April 19, 2010

So while I was gone

Royals DFA'd Roman Colon. I always like him but this season he just couldn't put it together oh well welcome Josh Rupe who's already pitched twice oh well welcome to the working class haha.

So who's digging the 2010 Royals season ?
You know the team that's 5-8 and almost got no hit by Brandon Morrow, and gave up to home runs to former Royal Jose "Ears" Bautista (I always liked him when he was with us).

And speaking of the bullpen isn't Luis Mendoza a keeper ?

I can't wait for the team to start playing well ........
But I guess I will.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Contract Year

5th Home Run in 4 days.
You can't convince me that Jose Guillen isn't giving a little more effort this year then last.

Also the bullpen really needs to be shaken up a bit and get some fresh guys in.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aviles optioned to AAA

Oh my.
That leaves only Willie Bloomquist, Mitch Maier and Brayan Pena on the bench.

My question would be, why ?
Why did we leave Mike on the roster only to be sent down after only 6 games.

Is it because our bullpen sucks ?

Oh and how about the fact that Jose Guillen hit two home runs today. In his contract year I might add. I've been meaning to get deeper into the whole contract year thing on the Royals yahoo listserve but alas work. I'll get to it soon Jack ;).

Still though isn't it fairly obvious that JG looks to be giving just a little more effort this year then last ?

Overall I've stopped caring (deeply) about the Royals day to day moves, oh well let's beat the Tiggers

Saturday, April 10, 2010

So 2-2

Hey it's not bad at all, well it's not great either.
But still it could be a whole lot worse right now.

Is it to early to lump Luis Mendoza in with Jeff Fulchino, Josh Newman, Jason Standridge and company ? Just a thought.
And who do you all like as the 8th Inning setup man ?

And how about that, Farnsworth was going to start yet he's already on the self.

At least we get to see defending AL Cy Young winner Zack Greinke tonight.

Anyone listen to the Royals On Radio yet ? (Denny's definitely still got it) If so you've probably heard that Kohl's commercial that says you can return any purchase no questions asked. I figure I'll go get some shirts and pants and when they wear out just return them for something new.

Sorry for being so scatterbrained this post but I'm still getting use to work. I mean who gets up at 1:30 AM and then works till 7 PM ?
Oh well, I still love all you guys and gals, thanks for reading and I'll have more later.
In the meantime check out my favorite comic strip of all time, here.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I had a bad feeling this would be a tough season when Willie had an error in the first but hey we were still winning until.

Boom 6 runs in one single inning.

I mean we all saw this coming, the final bullpen spot was going to be Hughes, Lerew, or Parrish.
That's just not the bullpen that is going to win games.

But hey there is still 161 games to go so we could still go 161-1.

Well at least Meche is coming along strong......

Friday, April 2, 2010

A little bit of news

First off, this is why Royals Review is amazing.

And in other news the Royals acquired pitcher Luis Mendoza from the Rangers.
He's got a good arm but has struggled in his big league career. And in his career in general since his 2007 breakout year at AA.
Overall it was just for cash, so I like the move, and at only 26 he's still got some time to live up to his potential.

I still can't believe that Brian Anderson is going to try and convert to pitching it's just mind boggling. But hey I see his point, still it's still just a little weird.

Oh and speaking of converted pitchers, Giants pitcher Tony Pena Jr's stats actually look pretty good.

Finally congrats to one of if not my favorite Royals from the anti-glory years. If you haven't already heard, Matt Stairs did make the Padres. Yes !!!

Opening day is sooooo close !!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What up ? I'm not dead !

Sorry for the lack of post but since last week I've worked 97 hours with many more to come, and I'll probably miss opening day. :(

Oh well coming back from the work force today I found out that Brian Anderson is trying his hand at pitching. Oh great at first I thought maybe it was a lame April Fool's joke but apparently it's true. Much unlike the JT and ChiTown's post which with a mere glance you could tell was a lame gag.

I'm sad to see that Vance Wilson has retired after not making the team. He really didn't have a chance but I thought he might make it up sometime during the season. I'd love for the team to add Vance in a coaching position.

All signs point to Gil Meche starting the year on the DL. It's a shame and hopefully he'll come off the DL strong.
Josh Fields is also heading to the DL, leaving the final non pitching roster spot down to either Betemit or Aviles. I'd say that Betemit is the favorite to win the job based on the fact Mike is still "recovering" and has an option.

And the final bullpen pitching spots looks to shake down to Dusty Hughes, Anthony Lerew and John Parrish. I'd love for Dusty or Tony to get the slot.

Well that's about it I've got to go get ready for bed, 1:30 AM comes unlawfully soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day/S.T. Tid-Bit's

Happy St.Patrick's Day

Well as I'm sure you've already heard the Royals optioned Carlos Rosa to AAA Omaha Tuesday.
But what you may have missed is that RoRetc favorite RHP Victor Marte was also optioned to AAA. We of course wish him the best.

Well the Royals have four lefties, left battling for a spot in the pen and they be : Edgar Osuna, Bruce Chen, Dusty Hughes, and John Parrish

“It could be a race to the end,” Hillman said. “We’ll see what happens.”

Also mentioned by the Star was that Edgar is emerging as a darkhorse for the "infamous" 5th spot in the rotation. A spot genuinely consider to be down to Farnsworth, Tejeda and Davies.

Personally I'd love for Hughes to break camp with the Royals. And being a Rule V pick Osuna should make the team if he is even on the bubble. Parrish and Chen should start the year in the minors.

But hey until the season starts I just get my info from the paper so whatever...

On Our Other Guys - Who Aren't In The Spotlight (OOOG-WAITS)
Gaby Hernandez/ No Spring Training Stats
Jorge Campillo/ No Spring Training Stats
Bryan Bullington/3 IP/6.00 ERA/4 H/2 R/2 ER/3-0 K-BB
Brad Thompson/6 IP/1.50 ERA/7 H/1 R/1 ER/ 2-2 K-BB
Anthony Lerew/5 IP/10.80 ERA/10 H/6 R/6 ER/5-0 K-BB
Philip Humber/4 IP/4.50 ERA/7 H/2 R/2 ER/2-1 K-BB

Also the Nationals have released there projected Opening Day RF Elijah Dukes who has had his share of problems. But according to MASN's Ben Goessling his release had nothing to do with off-the-field issues.
I believe the Royals should definitely look into signing Dukes. Even with our "sardined" outfield he could be an upgrade.

Finally here is a nice article on about NRI Matt Herges and in case you missed it former Royals Ace Sidney Ponson has signed with the Long Island Ducks

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Down to the 5th Spot

Well according to Trey Hillman:
"I've liked Banny and I've liked Hoch both, so that's really more of a question of [No. 5] -- and I haven't seen nearly enough," Hillman said
And the front runner for the 5th spot (Because Davies is having a tough time so far):
"Most of us managers have a tendency to go to what have you done for me lately," Hillman continued, "and the five candidate that's been the best so far is Farnsworth, easily, with the hitters that he faced and what he was able to do with his command and his fastball. But it's way too early to say."
Still is that not who I said would eventually win out the 5th spot in my last post ? See I've followed the Royals long enough I can basically tell you what will happen before it happens.
Yet I'm always to optimistic when it come to season previews. Which is why I find it so strange that when ever I look at Royally Speaking's latest post "BIPs" my mind automatically reads R.I.P.'s . Ouch.
At least since it's Spring Training and we get to see Kila Ka'aihue, kind of like we get to see Punxsutawney Phil once a year.

So tomorrow/today is Monday and that means the Royals on Radio will be back on the air and I'll once again be able ta listen to the AM signal of 1420 KRLL (formerly KREL but who really cares)

And then it's 21 days till Opening Day and if the season starts to wear you down be sure to come back often and feed the fish in the "Kauffman Coy Pond" over there at the top right ->.
Hopefully those cute lil fishes (and they are cute) can provide some stress relief in case we wake up and the Royals still aren't good.

(Hillman Quotes from

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Royals are cheapskates

But hey what else is new, well not that they've been cheap for years but now it shows.
The Royals have FINALLY added a logo to the back of the Crown Vision but unfortunately it's small "Kc" in blue against a white background.
Let's be honest it looks a whole lot better then empty nothingness, but it just does not compare to the former scoreboard, at all.

On a lighter note Royals prospect Blake Wood is in the battle for a bullpen spot.

But then on another gray note pitcher Ray Liotta has decided to hang up the cleats, he's a great guy and we wish him the best in his next endeavor whatever it may be.

Oh and here's my take with 25 days left till opening day the Royals 5th starter (assuming Luke is the 4th man) battle looks anything but settled, so far neither Farnsworth, Davies, or Tejeda have reached out to take it meaning that there is still time for another darkhorse candidate to enter the race, albeit I think the Royals deep down want Kyle.

Well that's about it can't believe we have to wait till Monday before the Royals on Radio are back up.

Monday, March 8, 2010

What Spring Training Is For

Spring training is around to help us realize that hey maybe Kyle Farnsworth wouldn't be a good idea as a starter. You've got to admire the Royals organization for always trying to keep the faith with players that never have shown that much promise. (Back side is cutting ties with guys like Matt Diaz and J.P. Howell). So yeah Kyle gave up 5 runs in 1.2 innings today, but it was a great outing for Bannister.

Tough news yesterday though for Alex Gordon he'll miss at least a month but hey at least he did make the majors. Which is more then Colt Griffin, Chris Lubanski*, and Mike Stoldoka did. The real winner in the Alex injury saga is Josh Fields, who should now get a chance to be the Opening Day third baseman, which in a way is kind of a win for the Royals because Josh has a twitter account and Alex doesn't.
But the really heart breaking injury was of top prospect Jeff Bianchi who will require reconstructive elbow surgery and miss all of this season. It is just such a sad story since Jeff had finally last year put together a great season and seemed poised to make a run at a 2010 MLB debut.

But hey at least Kyle's day was better then Jason Kendall's who as TMZ pointed out, is in court fighting to bring his kids to Kc. Oh and his estranged wife Chantel:

has suggested in legal papers that Jason is overusing Adderall, which he says he's taking for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Thank God for warm weather and Spring Training that winter was really really getting old.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Royals Trey Hillman look alike

It's scary accurate

Ladies and gentleman (and rednecks) I present to you an exact replica of Trey Hillman:

Rick Ankiel

Your new center fielder. Amazing how he goes from a stud in St.Louis to the spiten' image of his new skipper.

Ps. If you want to know more about me here's an interview I did for the BBA of which I'm a proud member.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Reson for Reasoning (Why isn't D-Train a Royal ? )

As I sat at my desk I realized something, something very grand indeed.
Spring training is among us, and as the snow began to melt here at the RoRetc compound I am just now beginning to get into this grand new team.

The new 2010 Royals that will not have a single trace of the Beltran deal, a team that will be without Olivo, Jacobs, Bale, etc.

Speaking of the Beltran deal what ever happened to Mike Wood ? He was here, then there (Texas), then gone without a trace.

Anyway in place of the aforementioned players are aging veterans Podsenik, Kendall, Ankeil, great defender Getz, and AAAA players Anderson and Fields.

But alas there is something fundamentally missing, but what is it that is missing ?
What is it that we lack ?

Think, think,what key piece that the Royals have had for many seasons is missing at the start of the 2010 season ?

An broken overpaid slugger like Juan Gonzalez ? No we still have Guillen.
An aging catcher ? Wrong again we've got powerful Jason Kendall.
(We stack up really well with the '04 Royals !!!)

Well of course what we are missing is the starting pitcher drama.
Not that Kyle Farnsworth trying to follow in John Bale's footsteps isn't exciting.

No what we lack is that guy who has a guaranteed spot for at least 10 starts with his 8.00+ ERA. That's it we're missing our Jose Lima, Scott Elarton, Brett Tomko, Sidney Ponson, Horacio Ramirez.

So I got to thinking...........
Dayton's never really let us down before, we've always had at least one clunker in the rotation who keeps getting starts. Why would he disappoint us now ?*

*(may be banking on Farnsworth)

So I've decided to make his job a little easier.

What we need: A bad pitcher
What we have and don't need: Alberto Callaspo

I love Bert but as we've all seen Trey's lineup is itchin' ta^ ink-in Chris Getz.*
(add a "T" to Chris and it becomes ChrisT Get Z the Royals a World Series. He'll be the Royals Saviour.)

Back to my original thought why not trade Callaspo for.......

Dontrelle Wayne Willis

It's perfect, a match made in.... well Royals front office heaven at least.
And that my friends is the reason for reasoning.

Oh how I can't wait for the fun and games to begin.

Thanks as always for putting up with me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

RoRetc's 2nd Annual Royals blogger/media Super Bowl Bash

Welcome and thinks for taking time to read the predictions and insight to this year's Suber Bowl from some of your favorite Royals Bloggers. I hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday and if you are going to be traveling any be safe and don't drive drunk.

There are three questions I dared to ask:
1. Who you think will win
2.Who you want to win
3. Anything you wish to add to 1 or 2.

Enjoy and best of luck to the Saints, Colts and The Who.
(2009 Ray W Royals Prospect Blog of Year)
(1-0 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. Winner Colts 35, Saints 17
2. This is one year I don't really care who wins, if the Colts win, they deserve it, if the Saints win, what a story.
3.And, as on Sunday, I'll be wishing I was on Bourbon Street if the Saints win. I think the Saints are gonna be in "just glad to be there" mode and the Colts are gonna eat up their D. Plus the Saints offense didn't look good against the Vikings. The Colts D is no Vikings D, but I think they're only gonna need to get a few stops to secure the win. I don't think the Saints can stop Manning and his good receivers. I don't think the Colts will give NO the opportunities Minny did.

1. Colts, 31-24

2. Saints

3. As a KC sports fan (and therefore a fan with no rooting interest in a championship event), I usually root for the team/city who has gone longer without winning a title. So, Geaux Saints!

Greg Schaum
(2009 Ray W Kc Radio persinality of the year)
(1-0 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. I think the Colts will win 38-27
2. I want the Saints to win

1.The Colts will probably win by (at least) 2 TDs, with Archie, Eli, Payton or Danny Manning as the MVP.

2.I'd RATHER the Saints win, but they've got very little chance.

3. My all-time SB fav moment... that little "wardrobe malfunction" (even with my distain with body piercings).

Kings Of Kaufman
1. I'll take the Indianapolis Colts over the New Orleans Saints. Final score 31-23

2. I'm a big fan of both Manning and Brees.
I suppose I'd like to see Peyton get his 2nd ring just a little more, but it's hard to root against New Orleans. I'm just going to sit back, enjoy the game with my friends, and have a few beers while watching the two best QBs in the NFL lead their teams in the biggest game of the year.
Royals On Radio Etc
(1-0 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. Saints 45-42 *(4:24 PM I just changed from Colts to Saints)
2. I'll be rooting for the Saints
3. Well my dad is a big Peyton fan and I think this will go back and forth until one of the QB's makes a mistake. I wish Vilma would pick of Peyton on the last drive but Indy is the better team.
(2008 Ray W New Royals Blog)
(0-1 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. I think the Colts will win. Manning seems always in control of the situation and never panics. If they get behind he will bring them back. I'll predict something along the lines of 31-24.

2. I want the Saints to win only for the reason that Chase Daniel will be on their sideline. My allegiance to Mizzou extends to the NFL which is why I was also pulling for Brad Smith and the Jets in the AFC Championship game.

3. The Saints at least are somebody new just like the Cardinals last year. I tire of seeing the same five or six teams win it year after year so it's easy for me to root for the newbie.
(0-1 in RoRetc's SBB)
1. Colts 38-21
2. Colts
3. I will be watching WAY too early in the morning on Monday (China's 13 hours ahead of ET). Possibly drinking way too early in the morning too... we'll see.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

RT: Fangraphs' asks AAA team or Kc ?

Who's lineup is better Durham or Kansas City ? To be precise.

Sorry about posting twice today, right back to back even.

But this is to great not to post something about.

I remember when the Rays sucked almost worse then us but they signed the right guys and built up there farm system. While we simply over paid for average players.

So now I'd say those lineups would be pretty evenly matched. Of course I'm still counting on us to find a way to trade DeJesus. And take home the worst lineup prize.....

What are your all's thoughts on the article ?

Why the Royals should sign Eric Bedard

Because signing "Eric" Bedard means we wouldn't sign "Erik Bedard" haha that's funny.

But really the Royals are showing interest in Erik according to our good ole buddy Samy M.
He points out that the Royals would need to shed some payroll first in order to sign the injured pitcher, who will miss the beginning of the season.

So I must ask why couldn't we get a deal done ? We could offer somewhere in the range of $ 2.5-3.5 million + many incentives and a mutual option next year around $11 million.
But why take that risk ? I mean he might turn that down .

So here's what I'd do if I were Dayton.
Trade DeJesus, and then sign Bedard to a 2 year $24 million deal. Then everybody would be happy. And I could say we once again raised payroll and that we are going to compete this year. (Not win, but compete)
In fact the only thing better would be to find a way to trade Callaspo for a 28 year old Single A pitcher who throw a fastball 88-90 MPH. Of course I'm just ranting now but hey it was kind of fun and was based more in reality then most historical novels.

Bottom line Erik Bedard signed cheap, well it could be a heck of a deal.
If he goes back to his Baltimore days (like Ponson before he was traded to the Giants) we have got ourselves a great bargain.
Then again we could have another case of the Elarton-Lima-Mays-Tomko-syndrome in which he'll completely suck but the front office keeps him around. And then right when they HAVE GOT to cut him he'll have a good game and pitch 6 more bad starts.

Therefore with that in mind IF we signed Bedard it would depends solely on if the Royals front office is willing to give up if it fails. Judging by last years Ponson experiment, we know that would never happen.

I repeat myself once more, IF Bedard signs with us odds are I'll like the deal but it can't be perfect. The Royals seemingly find a way to screw up just about everything so we'll see.

Finally, I thought I'd done found Trey Hillman or Dayton Moore on MLBTR but it was just kcmike11:

We need a lefty ...........

And better yet from another commenter:
"0 comments" --- quintessential Royals. No interest. The only things they have going for them are nice uniforms, Kaufman Stadium, and Billy Butler.

That means the commenter was NOT our buddy Corey, because they said The K was actually good. (Good enough to beat PNC at attendance).
I should probably drop this Corey thing, eventually........

PS. Best of luck to Jimmy Gobble in Colorado, the only Royals player to have one of his baseball cards on my Christmas tree, an ole Topps Total.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, Farwell to TRT

It seems like Rick Ankiel signing has revived the Royals blogsphere. That is super great to see and I'm loving it.

But during all this I must point out the lose of The Royal Treatment one of the great Royals blogs and I'm sure it will be missed by all.
Losing a fellow Royals blog is kind of like a band breaking up.
So I wanted to say my farewell's to TRT. And Jack we wish you the best in whatever your next endeavor is.

And since your here I wanted to announce to all my readers that I am NOT retiring to pursue priesthood.

Have a great weekend and be safe

AnKKKKKeil Thoughts

Well as you already know by now the Royals have "pending a physical" added Center Fielder Rick Ankiel. The 30 year old pitcher gone wild, gone outfield, gone disabled American.
But like all great has been players he'll attempt to restore his career with the Royals and then bolt town. Of course he could simply go away like Juan Gone or Paul Abbott*.

I remember when Ankiel was somewhat of a star but his batting average has slowly decrease:
  • 2007 .285
  • 2008 .264 (down 21 points)
  • 2009 .231 (down 33 points) (51 totals since 06)
And OBP wise he's been right at .330 until last year when he had an OBP of .285 but that along with his declined SLG could be attributed to his near death blind date with the outfield wall.
I'm sure it was that and not the fact he'll be 31 in July.

But 47 Home Runs in 3 years gives him an average Home Run rate of around 16 a year.
Add that to the high K rate (109 in 2008) and you've got a first rate Royals player.

True he's got a great arm and he's a sweet fielder but on offense he's not really much of an upgrade over Mike Jacobs.

Of course there is always a story within the story, and this time it could be good.
Greg Schaum seems to think that Rick Ankiel could spell the end of Jose Guillen in Kc but it also means that DDJ or Albero Callaspo could hit the road.
So that has a big haul on if signing Rick was a good signing or not.....

Bottom line is in my opinion the Royals are hoarding has been outfielders so for now Rick Ankiel will join the list of outfielders,
  • Brian Anderson
  • David DeJesus
  • Jarrod Dyson
  • Jose Guillen
  • Mitch Maier
  • Jordan Parraz
  • Scott Podsednik
  • Rick Ankiel
Bottom line is Rick is 30, he's coming back from an injury and has a declining batting average. He'll help out in CF but in three year has never played more then 122 games in a season so I don't expect more then a Coco Crisp like season and the bottom line is, ...... whatever.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the news all from

Ankiel, a left-handed bat, can help make up for the home runs lost when Miguel Olivo (23), Mike Jacobs (19) and Teahen (12) departed. Or that's the thought, anyway.

And, over in the Royals' front office they're saying, in the words of one exec, "We're much more athletic than we were last year."


In return for Crisp and Jacobs, two guys who were counted on to amp up the offense, they traded away relievers Ramon Ramirez and Leo Nunez. Seemed pretty reasonable at the time.

"Everybody thought we had the greatest offseason in the history of whatever and people in the game were saying we did as good as anybody in improving the team," a Royals official said.


The first report of the deal, worked out with super agent Scott Boras' firm, came late Thursday night on

Royals general manager Dayton Moore said: "It would be inappropriate for me to comment on any deal at this time."

And that sums up the whole thing in my opinion.

*(acquired via trade)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

2009 Ray W Awards

It's that time of year again, well actually I'm late this year but who really cares.
Tonight the 2009 Ray W Awards are revealed to the public all winners were voted in by there peers, or fans, or well both.
Tonight's show is dedicated to the lasting memory's of Corey H and Emil Brown, one of whom I liked and one of whom I don't really care for. You be the judge, but for now enjoy the 2009 Ray W Awards !!
And the Winner of Best Royals Blog

Royals Centricity

This successful spin-off blog really had a great year in 2009 and in the end the votes were tallyed and Old Man Duggan came out on top. Royals Review somehow comes in second for the second straight year.

Best Royals Blog Award Winnners
2008: Rany on the Royals
2009: Royals Centricity


Best New Royals Blog goes to.......

Kings of Kauffman

Who edges out Fire Dayton Moore for the honor.
Wally Fish really has done quite a nice job with the site. But not linking to RoRetc isn't one of them.

Best New Royals Blog Award Winners
2008: Royally Speaking
2009: Kings Of Kauffman


And the Best Royals Relief Pitcher of 2009 was........

Robinson Tejeda

Seriously when Soria is forbid from winning the award and the setup men are Farnsy and Cruz, Robbie is the clear winner in this one.

Best Royals Relief Pitcher Award Winners
2008: Ramon Ramirez
2009: Robinson Tejeda


The IRTGFNORRP goes to.......

Zack Greinke

An award that was made for guys like Ryan Freel, Willie Bloomquist and Lenny DiNardo.
I mean last years winner was Jeff Fulchino !!!
But still ZG's season was unforgettable so the Cy Young winner also gets the
"IRTGFNORRP Award" because when your hot you're named Zack Greinke.
(Apologies to Ryan Freel for getting cheated out this year)

"IRTGFNORRP Award" Winners
2008: Jeff Fulchino
2009: Zack Greinke

Best Royals Board........

Royal Board

Funny because all we did was drop an "s" from the award to get the winner.

Best Royals Board Award Winners
2008: Board
2009: Royal Board

Best Royals Sportswriter:

Joe Posnanski

Sam tried hard to repeat and came close but face it Joe had a killer year. Greinke and Posnanski made it a great year for the Royals when really it was horrible.

Best Royals Sportswriter Award Winners
2008: Sam Mellinger
2009: Joe Posnanski

Best Royals Prospect Blog:

The Pipeline
What back to back years has been the closest race this year The Pipeline edges The Royal Tower. And it was close again came down to one second place vote. Congrats to Ken on the win and I really hope you'll find the time and will to continue this year.

Best Royals Prospect Blog Award Winners
2008: The Royal Tower
2009: The Pipeline


The Overall Best Royals site is .........

Royals Review

For the second straight year the juggernaut that is Royals Review can't be stopped. Royals Authority comes in second.

Overall Best Royals Site Award Winners
2008: Royals Review
2009: Royals Review


Best Restaurant........


Hey don't blame me blame Royals Review for this one... ZG's Chipolte came in second, Burger King third.

Best Restaurant Award Winners
2008: Sonic
2009: Hooters

Best Royals Executive is.....

JJ Picollo
Mike Arbuckle

A tie !!! If the Royals don't win then why should an executive right ?

Best Royals Executive Award Winners
2009: JJ Picollo + Mike Arbuckle


Royals Prospect of The Year..........

Mike Montgomery

Montgomery had a great season last year and we look forward to an even bigger 2010 from Mike. Want to know more about Mike ? I suggest reading one of the fine Royals Prospect blogs mentioned earlier.

Royals Prospect of The Year Award Winner
2009: Mike Montgomery


Best Kc Radio Personality............

Greg Schaum

Out of the Big Four:Nick Wright, Soren Petro, Steven St. John, and Greg. Greg recieved the most love from the Royals fans. And of course it was all well deserved. I'd say Greg was the face of the Royals radio scene.

(PS. Greg sorry I never got the post up about Jacobs, the New K, and the wind. I never got the info I needed from the Royals. But Jacobs didn't rake so I was right. Thanks so much for allowing me to guest)

Best Kc Radio Personality Award Winner:
2009: Greg Schuam

Best Soda goes to ....


Because they have all sorts of spam out there in the Outfield. (Pepsi Party Porch)
Because they spents millions to change there logo, only to later go to "Pepsi throwback" made with REAL SUGAR.
And Finally,
Because they won't have a single ad in the Super Bowl. (That's gotta suck)

Best Soda Award Winner
2009: Pepsi


Finally the Awards I give out:

Special Achievement Award goes to ....

Zack Greinke

For all he did for the Royals this summer without him, well it'd have been just another sucky season.

Special Achievement Award Winners
Joe Posnanski
2009: Zack Greinke


Best Royals on Radio Affiliate

Omaha 590 AM (Nebraska)

Best Royals on Radio Affiliate Winners
Versailles 95.1 (Missouri)
2009: Omaha 590 AM (Nebraska)


Thanks for watching uh, I mean reading. Congratulations if your a winner.
Also if you won feel free to post your acceptance speech in the comments.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I don't care this off season

At least in off seasons past Dayton Moore has entertained the Royals fan base with targets like Torii Hunter, Gil Meche, and other big fish.
Of course we all remember the Jose Guillen signing that back fired but still most off seasons there is some hope that Dayton will land a whopper (but no OBP Whales) or at least act like he's fighting for it before the fishing line gets snapped.

This year though things were different and the big name around Royals camp from the begining was Scott Podsenik ?

Really Scott Podsenik ?

And I was really getting anxious with the Brian Anderson signing, I thought Scotty he might slip away from us.....


He's ours now.

And wait we might still be looking for more (speedy, old, powerless,lack of OBP helps) outfielders yet !!!

Yes it's just been really, really, really hard to follow this team.
(Although Noel really helped)
I, I was hoping for another nice 5th starter myself maybe a 1 year deal for Washburn or Davis.
(Sorry for the stutter)

Hey but at least we've landed Ned Yost, who I must say reminds me of Trey Hillman for some reason.

And just when you thought the dreaded off season could get no worse the Royals Caravan.
Which once upon a time stopped in California, Mo and then in later years moved on to the Jefferson City HyVee...

Well it looks like there will be no Royals Caravan in Mid-Missouri this year.
Just gravy huh ?

And while normally I'd probably be a "little" upset with that, all I can do this year is ROTFwLMAO* otherwise I'd go insane I bet.

*(Roll On The Floor while Laughing My Armpit-hairs Off)

And the sad part is, all season I'll be right here taking each dreaded, yet well welcomed Royals game in because I bled Royal Blue (when my diet is way out of whack that is). So bring on the 2010 season.

Oh and PS.
Misery is something I'm used to my football team is da Raiders. So whenever I get really ticked at the Royals I just look at a picture of JaMarcus Russell

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog I love you !!!
If your a single lady my email is .... :)