Thursday, December 10, 2009

Were to start....

*~Words of Moore in Red~*

I could start this post off about how the Royals cut ties with John Bale and Mike "Chipmunk" Jacobs . Two players whom it was definitely there time to go...

Or maybe how Hillman views Getz defense over Callaspo's bat....

Then again there is always new Royal Edgar Osuna selected today in the Rule 5 draft from where else Gwinnett AAA roster of thee World Famous Atlanta Braves organization..

But instead I'll start with news from

Left-hander Mark Mulder, once a 21-game winner but out of baseball last season, is being given a once-over by the Royals.

Mulder, 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, is on the comeback trail after missing 2009 because of shoulder surgery. The Royals would like to bring a left-handed starter into their all-right-handed rotation.

I thought last off season that a Milb incentive laden deal would be a great thing for the Royals to sign Mulder to.
But then came the words in bold.
And suddenly I'm visited by visions of HoRam, Tomko, Ponson, Joe Mays, Bale's time as a starter. It'll make you grimace.
It's like "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens only I was only visited by the ghosts of Royals pitchers past but not the good past no. Nothing older then 2000 !!!

I mean the guy hasn't pitched a full season since 2005 but then again that's around the time Bruce Chen was last pitching in the bigs... oh wait.

Yeah Chen pitched for us last year didn't he....
"Last year and the year before, he was trying to do something," Moore said.
“We’ll go through the process”
So um, It's right here were everyone is supposed to shout bring back Al Levine !!!

At least the best news to come out of the article was that the Royals will at least "take a look" at the Cuban lefty Aroldis Chapman next week in Houston.

“You don’t know where these things are going to go,”

And it still looks like the Royals are winning the Jason Kendall sweepstakes.
“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Moore said, “if we got something done (in the next few days) or didn’t get something done and, in two weeks, be in the same boat.”
And also the Royals are looking at Felix Pie, Brett Gardner, Scott Podsednik and gasp even, dare I say it Juan Pierre.
When are they going to wake up and realize Willy Taveras can be had ???

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