Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Joke

There are two guys up in heaven talking with St.Peter and each other, when the the guy on the right starts out by saying: "I've had a rough life lost my leg in the war had my wife leave me for my best bud and then my good ole good got ran over by a car."

Well St. Pete and the other to both lean shaking there head. But then the guy in on the left starts off: "I think I've gots you beat see I lost my right eye as a kid and then my wife left me the day we were to be married, took the dog, took my money and then ran over my best friend and moved to Canada."

Well after he was done speaking. St. Peter walked away to great the new arrivals, and they began to converse a bit more about there lives.

But just then, Jesus walks up and he says, "I heard you two complaining about your lives well I was betrayed, whipped, spat on, crucified and had to care every one's sins. But you want to know the guy who had the worst life ?"

The two men gawk and stutter out, "Well who could have had it worse then you ?"
Jesus laughs and points to a guy in line about to enter heaven.

See him ? Well he just died yesterday he was a Royals fan since 1986 !!!

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  1. Hey... I resemble that remark, except the being dead part, and at least I got to see the Royals' glory years.