Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I like

The Philip Humber signing it's milb deals like this that can really help a team like the Royals guys who never quite put it together but are still young enough they might figure it out. You know guys like Bryan Bullington who could out of no were have a great year, and are going to have a greater chance at a great/miracle year then has beens like Sidney Ponson and Brett Tomko.
You want to know whats surprising ? It's the fact that Jaime Moyer has yet to pitch for the Royals. I'm still holding out hope for that one though. And hey it's not even Christmas yet....

That means the Royals have plenty of time to make a deal far worse then the Jason Kendall signing. And I could see were the Kendall signing could have been almost a good one.

See instead of 2 years guaranteed you have a one year with and option. Oh wait he doesn't want that ? Well maybe by February he's changed his mind. If not maybe you keep Buck and for extra security go and sign Mike Redmond.

And speaking of Buck and non-tenders what about taking a look at Wang and Pedro Martinez ?
I mean back before the surgery Mr.Wang was a fairly good pitcher. And Pedro I thought looked pretty sharp last year. Now it wouldn't even begin to fix all the Royals problems but how would a rotation with: Greinke, Martinez, Meche fair as your 1,2,3 guys ? ( Pencil in Bruce Chen for 4 and Brad Thompson as your 5th starter.

And speaking of problems Seattle is looking pretty sharp out West after acquiring Lee huh ? Almost enough to make you wish we had Jack Z I bet. :)

And while I'm at it let me say it would make a ton more sense to go and sign D.J. Carrasco as apposed to trying to sign the next Farnsworth or Cruz.
Plus D.J. always one of my favorite players him and Stairs, and I was just starting to take a likin to Alberto Callaspo. So yeah I guess trading the 2nd best hitter makes senses....

One final thing I promise,
Will the Royals have more then one guy (if that) hit 20 HR's next year ?

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  1. Humber is a pretty low risk move. Can't hurt to see if McClure can fix him.

    In answer to your question I think two Royals will hit 20+ home runs. Butler and either Gordon or Fields. Keep in mind I predicted 25for your man Jacobs last season.