Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Anybody

Wow it seems like It's been forever since I last posted this past season really wore me down.
There towards the end of the season I'd pretty well lost interest in the team. I've slowly regained my will to follow the team again.

I just couldn't follow the team at the beginning of the Winter Meetings my favorite time of the season and I still just couldn't bring myself to post anything.

But then came the Pudge to the Royals rumor and I originally said It wouldn't be that bad on Twitter but actually just wanted to get a reaction.

But now Jason Kendall I guy who I've always liked but not liked at 38 years old . Especially for a 2 year contract the Bob Dutton tweets, GMDM may have offered Jason.

I mean Kendall at 38 could be compared to I don't know Benito Santiago. I just don't get it and neither does any Royals fan. Heck I bet Dayton doesn't get half the things he does.

2 years for a guy who has caught 1967 career games. Heck we'd be better of signing Jason Varitek at least he has a bit of a cult like following. Or maybe even Josh Bard or gasp even a return of Paul Bako. And yet Dayton let's so many talented catchers get away from him so he's forced to sign theses stupid contracts that have became synonymous with the current regime.

For every Zack Greinke extension or Soria finding there is a Jose Guillen or Kyle Farnsworth.
As a Royals fans you just get use to guys like Ryan Shealy and Justin Huber. Alex Gordon and Jeff Bianchi.

But back to catchers, Dayton seems determined to rid the land of Buck and bring in a veteran for an absurd amount of years and dollars. Makes me wish for the days of Alberto Castillo, Mike Difelice, Tom Prince, and Brent Mayne.

Oh well at least we weren't the worst franchise of the decade, oh wait.

Hey if you can't compete for the Hunter's and Sabatia's at least you can try to overpay for the stock pile of average over deteriorating veterans.

I'll be back tomorrow to post my thoughts on the Rule V and any of the supposed player dump.
My guess.... Buck

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