Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Joke

There are two guys up in heaven talking with St.Peter and each other, when the the guy on the right starts out by saying: "I've had a rough life lost my leg in the war had my wife leave me for my best bud and then my good ole good got ran over by a car."

Well St. Pete and the other to both lean shaking there head. But then the guy in on the left starts off: "I think I've gots you beat see I lost my right eye as a kid and then my wife left me the day we were to be married, took the dog, took my money and then ran over my best friend and moved to Canada."

Well after he was done speaking. St. Peter walked away to great the new arrivals, and they began to converse a bit more about there lives.

But just then, Jesus walks up and he says, "I heard you two complaining about your lives well I was betrayed, whipped, spat on, crucified and had to care every one's sins. But you want to know the guy who had the worst life ?"

The two men gawk and stutter out, "Well who could have had it worse then you ?"
Jesus laughs and points to a guy in line about to enter heaven.

See him ? Well he just died yesterday he was a Royals fan since 1986 !!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I like

The Philip Humber signing it's milb deals like this that can really help a team like the Royals guys who never quite put it together but are still young enough they might figure it out. You know guys like Bryan Bullington who could out of no were have a great year, and are going to have a greater chance at a great/miracle year then has beens like Sidney Ponson and Brett Tomko.
You want to know whats surprising ? It's the fact that Jaime Moyer has yet to pitch for the Royals. I'm still holding out hope for that one though. And hey it's not even Christmas yet....

That means the Royals have plenty of time to make a deal far worse then the Jason Kendall signing. And I could see were the Kendall signing could have been almost a good one.

See instead of 2 years guaranteed you have a one year with and option. Oh wait he doesn't want that ? Well maybe by February he's changed his mind. If not maybe you keep Buck and for extra security go and sign Mike Redmond.

And speaking of Buck and non-tenders what about taking a look at Wang and Pedro Martinez ?
I mean back before the surgery Mr.Wang was a fairly good pitcher. And Pedro I thought looked pretty sharp last year. Now it wouldn't even begin to fix all the Royals problems but how would a rotation with: Greinke, Martinez, Meche fair as your 1,2,3 guys ? ( Pencil in Bruce Chen for 4 and Brad Thompson as your 5th starter.

And speaking of problems Seattle is looking pretty sharp out West after acquiring Lee huh ? Almost enough to make you wish we had Jack Z I bet. :)

And while I'm at it let me say it would make a ton more sense to go and sign D.J. Carrasco as apposed to trying to sign the next Farnsworth or Cruz.
Plus D.J. always one of my favorite players him and Stairs, and I was just starting to take a likin to Alberto Callaspo. So yeah I guess trading the 2nd best hitter makes senses....

One final thing I promise,
Will the Royals have more then one guy (if that) hit 20 HR's next year ?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ray W Award Nominees 2009

Time for the second annual Ray W Award Nominees.

This year the nominees were chosen by several very famous Royals bloggers.
But you choose the winner just post a comment or send me an email.
Read important voting instructions at the bottom.

The Second Annual Ray W Award Nominees are:

Royals Review
Royals Authority
Rany On The Royals
Royals Centricity

Best New Royals Blog*(or semi-new)
Kings of Kauffman
Fire Dayton Moore
Royals Centricity

Best Royals Relief Pitcher
Chris Hayes
Robinson Tejeda
Carlos Rosa

I'll remember this guy for no other reason Royals Player
Zack Greinke
Willie Bloomquist
Ryan Freel
Lenny DiNardo

Best Royals Board
Royals Review
Royal Board
Royals Corner

Best Royals Sports Writer
Joe Posnanski
Rany Jazayerli
Sam Mellinger

Best Royals Prospect Blog
The Pipeline
The Royal Tower

Overall Best Royals site
Royals Review
Royals Authority
Rany On The Royals

Best Restaurant Chain
Burger King
Taco Bell
PF Chang's
Longhorn Steakhouse

Best Royals Executive
JJ Picollo
Mike Arbuckle

Royals Prospect of The Year
Jeff Bianchi
Mike Montgomery
David Lough

Best Kc Radio Personality

Greg Schaum
Soren Petro
Steven St. John
Nick Wright

Best Soda
Cherry Coke
Cherry Pepsi
Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew Code Red

Okay voting starts now.

When voting, vote for your favorite (put 1st) and second favorite (put 2nd).

The Award show will be on January 17th at 6:00 PM CST.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Were to start....

*~Words of Moore in Red~*

I could start this post off about how the Royals cut ties with John Bale and Mike "Chipmunk" Jacobs . Two players whom it was definitely there time to go...

Or maybe how Hillman views Getz defense over Callaspo's bat....

Then again there is always new Royal Edgar Osuna selected today in the Rule 5 draft from where else Gwinnett AAA roster of thee World Famous Atlanta Braves organization..

But instead I'll start with news from

Left-hander Mark Mulder, once a 21-game winner but out of baseball last season, is being given a once-over by the Royals.

Mulder, 6-foot-6 and 215 pounds, is on the comeback trail after missing 2009 because of shoulder surgery. The Royals would like to bring a left-handed starter into their all-right-handed rotation.

I thought last off season that a Milb incentive laden deal would be a great thing for the Royals to sign Mulder to.
But then came the words in bold.
And suddenly I'm visited by visions of HoRam, Tomko, Ponson, Joe Mays, Bale's time as a starter. It'll make you grimace.
It's like "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens only I was only visited by the ghosts of Royals pitchers past but not the good past no. Nothing older then 2000 !!!

I mean the guy hasn't pitched a full season since 2005 but then again that's around the time Bruce Chen was last pitching in the bigs... oh wait.

Yeah Chen pitched for us last year didn't he....
"Last year and the year before, he was trying to do something," Moore said.
“We’ll go through the process”
So um, It's right here were everyone is supposed to shout bring back Al Levine !!!

At least the best news to come out of the article was that the Royals will at least "take a look" at the Cuban lefty Aroldis Chapman next week in Houston.

“You don’t know where these things are going to go,”

And it still looks like the Royals are winning the Jason Kendall sweepstakes.
“I wouldn’t be surprised,” Moore said, “if we got something done (in the next few days) or didn’t get something done and, in two weeks, be in the same boat.”
And also the Royals are looking at Felix Pie, Brett Gardner, Scott Podsednik and gasp even, dare I say it Juan Pierre.
When are they going to wake up and realize Willy Taveras can be had ???

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Anybody

Wow it seems like It's been forever since I last posted this past season really wore me down.
There towards the end of the season I'd pretty well lost interest in the team. I've slowly regained my will to follow the team again.

I just couldn't follow the team at the beginning of the Winter Meetings my favorite time of the season and I still just couldn't bring myself to post anything.

But then came the Pudge to the Royals rumor and I originally said It wouldn't be that bad on Twitter but actually just wanted to get a reaction.

But now Jason Kendall I guy who I've always liked but not liked at 38 years old . Especially for a 2 year contract the Bob Dutton tweets, GMDM may have offered Jason.

I mean Kendall at 38 could be compared to I don't know Benito Santiago. I just don't get it and neither does any Royals fan. Heck I bet Dayton doesn't get half the things he does.

2 years for a guy who has caught 1967 career games. Heck we'd be better of signing Jason Varitek at least he has a bit of a cult like following. Or maybe even Josh Bard or gasp even a return of Paul Bako. And yet Dayton let's so many talented catchers get away from him so he's forced to sign theses stupid contracts that have became synonymous with the current regime.

For every Zack Greinke extension or Soria finding there is a Jose Guillen or Kyle Farnsworth.
As a Royals fans you just get use to guys like Ryan Shealy and Justin Huber. Alex Gordon and Jeff Bianchi.

But back to catchers, Dayton seems determined to rid the land of Buck and bring in a veteran for an absurd amount of years and dollars. Makes me wish for the days of Alberto Castillo, Mike Difelice, Tom Prince, and Brent Mayne.

Oh well at least we weren't the worst franchise of the decade, oh wait.

Hey if you can't compete for the Hunter's and Sabatia's at least you can try to overpay for the stock pile of average over deteriorating veterans.

I'll be back tomorrow to post my thoughts on the Rule V and any of the supposed player dump.
My guess.... Buck