Monday, November 9, 2009

Well I'm sure you know

About the Getz and Fields for Mark Teahen trade. I really didn't feel like going into that much as I was pretty busy. And at the time it hadn't happened but then it did happen so, I don't know really what to add that hasn't already been said about the trade.
Maybe that I never really cared for Mark Teahen the way almost the entire fan base did. (Similar to my dislike of Aaron Guiel). But his versatility was very useful and now that he's with the White Sox I could see him hitting 20 HR 80 RBI a season. Seems like that is the way it always goes, after leaving Kc you suddenly become great.
I like Getz he seemed to have a pretty solid first season in the bigs, Josh Fields is Jake Jr with some issues. But he'll give us some nice depth.

The Royals have a new trainer and bullpen coach.

The options on Olivo, Crisp, and Yabuta were declined. No real surprises there.

The real reason I'm writing this post now is that Bob Dutton mentions:

One rumor to watch: A deal sending second baseman Alberto Callaspo to the Los Angeles Dodgers for catcher A.J. Ellis, a 28-year-old rookie who currently projects as a backup to Russell Martin following the anticipated free-agent departure of veteran Brad Ausmus.

If that is a straight up Bert for a 29 year (by Opening Day) old catcher with a career total of 12 MLB games for the Royals second best hitter. Well I think I might just call it quits.
So what if he's a "great defender" ? So what if he hit blah-blah-blah in AAA ?
He's 29 meaning at best he's got what 5 good years left before he tanks ? And did we mention he's a catcher ?

No thanks I'll take a combo of Buck/Pena heck why not even Brad Ausmus ?

Oh and one more thing that has happen since my last post:

Our motivation behind this deal — and any deal that we make this winter,” Royals general manager Dayton Moore acknowledged, “is to acquire as many zero-to-three service-time players as we can. That was certainly what we did here.”

**Bleep** talent I'll take the rookie....

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