Monday, October 5, 2009

Season is Over + Kc vs Pit Attendence

Wow seems like just the other day it was spring, slowly turning into the hot days of summer.
But now the season is all over and it's time to look back albeit for just a brief second before we continue to look ahead to the 2010 season.
Although an overhaul is not likely because the near 100 loss team was well the article puts it best:

In truth, the Royals thought they were pretty solid coming into 2009 and so did many prognosticators

Yeah but it didn't happen so maybe it's time to wake up from the fantasy boys.

And before I go any farther into my look back on the season let me remind you of Corey from Pirates Revolution. Were Corey had such things to say as:
Maybe I can't tell you that watching a game at PNC is better than watching a game at Kauffman, but you should probably run a Google search on it. You'll find dozens of lists that all have PNC > Kauffman.

I didn't pick the teams out of thin air. If you go back through the post and the comments, you'll see that I consider there to be only a handful of teams capable of being contracted at this point. The Royals are one because their building is old.
And was basically being an ostrich with his head in the sand refusing to listen to reason and deleting comments.

Well he did say:

Every team has fans. The Royals just have fewer fans than the other 28 teams.

Look at the attendance figures.

So I being the gentleman that I am offered him a $10 bet that the Royals and decrepit Kauffman stadium would outdraw his beloved PNC Park and Pirates.
He wimped out and wouldn't put the money were his mouth was.
Good thing for him,

Royals: 1,797,887
Pirates: 1,577,853

Royals: 22,473
Pirates: 19,479

Great huh ? And I mean no ill feelings to any Pirates fans. And posts like Corey's about baseball contraction are fine as long as you can back them with solid facts not just. Duh it's an old stadium.

I'll be breaking down the stats from this team later on and let me tell you they are not pretty.
Also as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I'll be posting my "ballet" on the AL Cy Young, MVP, and Manger of the Year awards. And I already know who I'm voting for on one of them. ;)
And remaining completely unbiased.

Until then I attended my first Chiefs game at Arrowhead yesterday... And even during the carnage was on TV, and realized that maybe the Royals could use some cheerleaders. I don't know might make blowouts funner....

Oh and I also realized that Slugerrr is without a doubt the best pro mascot in Kc.

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