Thursday, October 1, 2009

Part 2 of 2

I used to think in my immature youth, that some guys on the team would be better off non- tendered.

(The term better off is a two way street better for the Royals and better for the player. As I point out a lot of guys who are not very good with the Royals go on to have some good years later on.)

But now I'm sure glad they are still on the team.
I used to be so mad at guys like Farnsworth but you know what, he can't help it.

Is it Farnsworth fault Dayton signed him for $9mm ? Is it Farnsworth fault that Hillman brought him into the game ? The answers are no and no. And I've learned that this year.
Take Jake for example, is it his fault that, even though he can't hit for some reason this year, Hillman keeps batting him cleanup ?
See It's all about perspective.

Can we blame Yuniesky for his many errors ?
Not really I mean surely Dayton knew what he was getting, right ?

If I've learned nothing else this year it's that the players don't matter. We could have Babe Ruth on the team but if he's on the bench so what ?

Hooray for Josh Anderson a guy who could in the future forseable reach 20-20-20* status !
(*20 RBI, 20 SB, 20 XBH)

And we all know and have already bought our preorder for 2010 Royals jerseys of Hillman, Farnsworth, Betancourt, Buck, Olivo right ?

Now I may seem a bit scatterbrained here but I'm trying to get this done before my lunch break is up. In closing of this Part 2 which should have been the end to part 1 but I needed to get to bed:

If Nostradumas was right about the World ending in 2012
Well that's a shame.
The Royals were finally set to compete in the AL Central come 2013

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