Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is by far the hardest choice I've had to make, save for the MVP award in which I still don't know exactly how I'll vote on that. And you know it's hard when I can only put Gordon Beckham(4th defense is what held him back), Nolan Reimold, Jeff Niemann, Brett Gardner and Rick Porcello (If he got the win today that would have probably thrust him to #1) as honorable mentions.

3. Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers
145 GM
.267 AVG
.373 SLG
128 H
17 2B
8 3B
6 HR
40 RBI
33 SB
.968 FPCT

Great year for the young Rangers SS. He had the guidance of the greatest fielding shortstop great in the game right now. He still has a way to go but he'll be a great* player after a couple more seasons under his belt. In the end he beats Beckham based on defense.
*( Remember he is the Rangers SS not the Royals)

2. Andrew Bailey
Oakland A's
1.84 ERA
68 APP
26/4 SV/BS
83.1 IP
91 K's
24 BB
Great year for the young A's closer 91 strikeouts in only 83 and a third innings. The Athletics don't miss Street at all. He
1. Matt Wieters
Baltimore Orioles
95 GM
.288 AVG
.340 OBP
.412 SLG
102 H
15 2B
1 3B
9 HR
43 RBI
.991 FPCT
Threw out over a third of would be base stealer's.
In the end this was a close competition but in the end top prospect Matt Wieters fielding was what put him ahead of the rest of the competition. He'll be a star for many years to come.

That was tough and the MVP choice man that's even harder........

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