Monday, October 5, 2009

BBA: AL Manager of the Year

Okay so as part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I get to vote for the post season awards of course my vote won't affect the real voting process but it should.
I've got my three mangers going from bronze to gold but first we'll start with an honorable mention...

Honorable Mention: Ron Washington
Texas Rangers
2nd in the West

After he was on the chopping block last winter Ron Washington did a great job with the Rangers and keep them in the wild card hunt for most summer.

3. Ron Gardenhire
Minnesota Twins
Tied for 1st in the Central
No matter what the outcome of tomorrows "playoff" for the ALC division crown. There is just no way to ignore what Ron has once again done. The Twins appeared to be out of the running but fought there way back and are at the verge of the playoffs. I'd love to hold the suspense and maybe even perhaps jump Ron to #2 but I just don't foresee him even with a win having a better year then....

2. Joe Girardi
New York Yankees
1st In the East
After a disappointing first season in the Bronx (by Yankee's standards). Joe was able to bounce back and win 103 games. Albeit with the additions of Sabathia, Texiera, and Burnett. As if Jeter, A-Rod, Rivera, Posada, Cano weren't enough. But still we can agree the Yanks aren't perfect, but Joe did a great job of keeping them near perfect. Really a great year for Joe.

1. Mike Scioscia
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
1st In the West
What is the manager of the year award is it for the manager with the most wins ? The Manager who manages the bullpen correctly ? Or the manager who manages his team the best ?
After the tragic death of Nick Addenhart on April 9th. The Angels season easily could have went downhill and ended in a wash but Mike and his team battled through that tragic event and still ended up AL West champions. In my opinion I don't really care if anyone else had more wins or a bigger audience. Mike Scioscia is the clear cut AL Manager of The Year.

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