Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BBA: AL Cy Young

Here is my 2009 BBA AL Cy Young Ballet.
Only the top 3 count in the BBA's voting but I wanted to show my top 5 starters in the AL so without farther ado...

5. Honorable Mention
C.C. Sabathia
2 CG
230 IP
197 K's
67 BB
86 ER
18 HR
Didn't have that great of a year may have been farther up on my voting if he wouldn't have been impaled by the Rays. Overall because he's a big money pitcher and plays for the Yankees is why he'll receive votes. 19 Wins is tied for the MLB lead but the rest of his numbers just don't stack up with the rest of the field.
4.Honorable Mention
Justin Verlander
Detroit Tigers
3.45 ERA
3 CG
240 IP
269 K's
63 BB
92 ER
20 HR
Alot of K's and IP's really a great pitcher the only thing that held him back was the high ERA. If it was an a point less IMO he'd be the surefire winner.

3. Roy Halladay
Toronto Blue Jays
2.79 ERA
9 CG
239 IP
208 K's
35 BB
74 ER
22 HR
17 Wins is not alot and those 10 losses look pretty ugly but the rest of his numbers are gorgeous. 9 complete games. 4 shutouts. 208 strikeouts to only 35 BB. 9 more innings pitched then Sabathia and 12 ER less.

2. Felix Hernandez
Seattle Mariners
2.49 ERA
2 CG
238.1 IP
217 K's
71 BB
66 ER
15 HR
A really solid season only 66 earned runs allowed. 238 Innings pitched falls short to only one AL pitcher.

1. Zack Greinke
Kansas City Royals
2.16 ERA
6 CG
229.1 IP
242 K's
51 BB
55 ER
11 HR
And the question must be asked is the Cy Young for the best pitcher in the league or for the best pitcher on a good team ? Because if ZG pitches on any team not named the Kansas City Royals he's a sure fire 20 game winner. In fact at times this season it was if Zack would allow base runners just for the added challenge. And if he could have pitched 7 scoreless innings his last start he would have finished with a 1.99 ERA but seriously no one could stop the Twins then.
6 Complete games, 3 shutouts. And had 10 games in which he allowed 0 ER. Need more proof just look here folks.

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