Friday, October 23, 2009


Not really much to say other then this was really hard. So I could go on but I've got to go right so if you want to know why I put them were I did just ask. Otherwise I might come back and edit this later.

10. Dustin Pedroia
Red Sox

9.Adam Lind

8.Ichiro Suzuki

7.Robinson Cano

6.Jacoby Ellsbury
Red Sox

5. Aaron Hill

4.Miguel Cabrera

3.Derek Jeter

2. Mark Teixeira

1. Joe Mauer

Friday, October 9, 2009


I would like to aplogize to all my readers. If my blogging gets dumber in the future it's simply because I just had all four wisdom teeth removed. Still I'm smart enough to know that, the Royals need some help.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BBA: AL Cy Young

Here is my 2009 BBA AL Cy Young Ballet.
Only the top 3 count in the BBA's voting but I wanted to show my top 5 starters in the AL so without farther ado...

5. Honorable Mention
C.C. Sabathia
2 CG
230 IP
197 K's
67 BB
86 ER
18 HR
Didn't have that great of a year may have been farther up on my voting if he wouldn't have been impaled by the Rays. Overall because he's a big money pitcher and plays for the Yankees is why he'll receive votes. 19 Wins is tied for the MLB lead but the rest of his numbers just don't stack up with the rest of the field.
4.Honorable Mention
Justin Verlander
Detroit Tigers
3.45 ERA
3 CG
240 IP
269 K's
63 BB
92 ER
20 HR
Alot of K's and IP's really a great pitcher the only thing that held him back was the high ERA. If it was an a point less IMO he'd be the surefire winner.

3. Roy Halladay
Toronto Blue Jays
2.79 ERA
9 CG
239 IP
208 K's
35 BB
74 ER
22 HR
17 Wins is not alot and those 10 losses look pretty ugly but the rest of his numbers are gorgeous. 9 complete games. 4 shutouts. 208 strikeouts to only 35 BB. 9 more innings pitched then Sabathia and 12 ER less.

2. Felix Hernandez
Seattle Mariners
2.49 ERA
2 CG
238.1 IP
217 K's
71 BB
66 ER
15 HR
A really solid season only 66 earned runs allowed. 238 Innings pitched falls short to only one AL pitcher.

1. Zack Greinke
Kansas City Royals
2.16 ERA
6 CG
229.1 IP
242 K's
51 BB
55 ER
11 HR
And the question must be asked is the Cy Young for the best pitcher in the league or for the best pitcher on a good team ? Because if ZG pitches on any team not named the Kansas City Royals he's a sure fire 20 game winner. In fact at times this season it was if Zack would allow base runners just for the added challenge. And if he could have pitched 7 scoreless innings his last start he would have finished with a 1.99 ERA but seriously no one could stop the Twins then.
6 Complete games, 3 shutouts. And had 10 games in which he allowed 0 ER. Need more proof just look here folks.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is by far the hardest choice I've had to make, save for the MVP award in which I still don't know exactly how I'll vote on that. And you know it's hard when I can only put Gordon Beckham(4th defense is what held him back), Nolan Reimold, Jeff Niemann, Brett Gardner and Rick Porcello (If he got the win today that would have probably thrust him to #1) as honorable mentions.

3. Elvis Andrus
Texas Rangers
145 GM
.267 AVG
.373 SLG
128 H
17 2B
8 3B
6 HR
40 RBI
33 SB
.968 FPCT

Great year for the young Rangers SS. He had the guidance of the greatest fielding shortstop great in the game right now. He still has a way to go but he'll be a great* player after a couple more seasons under his belt. In the end he beats Beckham based on defense.
*( Remember he is the Rangers SS not the Royals)

2. Andrew Bailey
Oakland A's
1.84 ERA
68 APP
26/4 SV/BS
83.1 IP
91 K's
24 BB
Great year for the young A's closer 91 strikeouts in only 83 and a third innings. The Athletics don't miss Street at all. He
1. Matt Wieters
Baltimore Orioles
95 GM
.288 AVG
.340 OBP
.412 SLG
102 H
15 2B
1 3B
9 HR
43 RBI
.991 FPCT
Threw out over a third of would be base stealer's.
In the end this was a close competition but in the end top prospect Matt Wieters fielding was what put him ahead of the rest of the competition. He'll be a star for many years to come.

That was tough and the MVP choice man that's even harder........

Monday, October 5, 2009

BBA: AL Manager of the Year

Okay so as part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I get to vote for the post season awards of course my vote won't affect the real voting process but it should.
I've got my three mangers going from bronze to gold but first we'll start with an honorable mention...

Honorable Mention: Ron Washington
Texas Rangers
2nd in the West

After he was on the chopping block last winter Ron Washington did a great job with the Rangers and keep them in the wild card hunt for most summer.

3. Ron Gardenhire
Minnesota Twins
Tied for 1st in the Central
No matter what the outcome of tomorrows "playoff" for the ALC division crown. There is just no way to ignore what Ron has once again done. The Twins appeared to be out of the running but fought there way back and are at the verge of the playoffs. I'd love to hold the suspense and maybe even perhaps jump Ron to #2 but I just don't foresee him even with a win having a better year then....

2. Joe Girardi
New York Yankees
1st In the East
After a disappointing first season in the Bronx (by Yankee's standards). Joe was able to bounce back and win 103 games. Albeit with the additions of Sabathia, Texiera, and Burnett. As if Jeter, A-Rod, Rivera, Posada, Cano weren't enough. But still we can agree the Yanks aren't perfect, but Joe did a great job of keeping them near perfect. Really a great year for Joe.

1. Mike Scioscia
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
1st In the West
What is the manager of the year award is it for the manager with the most wins ? The Manager who manages the bullpen correctly ? Or the manager who manages his team the best ?
After the tragic death of Nick Addenhart on April 9th. The Angels season easily could have went downhill and ended in a wash but Mike and his team battled through that tragic event and still ended up AL West champions. In my opinion I don't really care if anyone else had more wins or a bigger audience. Mike Scioscia is the clear cut AL Manager of The Year.

Season is Over + Kc vs Pit Attendence

Wow seems like just the other day it was spring, slowly turning into the hot days of summer.
But now the season is all over and it's time to look back albeit for just a brief second before we continue to look ahead to the 2010 season.
Although an overhaul is not likely because the near 100 loss team was well the article puts it best:

In truth, the Royals thought they were pretty solid coming into 2009 and so did many prognosticators

Yeah but it didn't happen so maybe it's time to wake up from the fantasy boys.

And before I go any farther into my look back on the season let me remind you of Corey from Pirates Revolution. Were Corey had such things to say as:
Maybe I can't tell you that watching a game at PNC is better than watching a game at Kauffman, but you should probably run a Google search on it. You'll find dozens of lists that all have PNC > Kauffman.

I didn't pick the teams out of thin air. If you go back through the post and the comments, you'll see that I consider there to be only a handful of teams capable of being contracted at this point. The Royals are one because their building is old.
And was basically being an ostrich with his head in the sand refusing to listen to reason and deleting comments.

Well he did say:

Every team has fans. The Royals just have fewer fans than the other 28 teams.

Look at the attendance figures.

So I being the gentleman that I am offered him a $10 bet that the Royals and decrepit Kauffman stadium would outdraw his beloved PNC Park and Pirates.
He wimped out and wouldn't put the money were his mouth was.
Good thing for him,

Royals: 1,797,887
Pirates: 1,577,853

Royals: 22,473
Pirates: 19,479

Great huh ? And I mean no ill feelings to any Pirates fans. And posts like Corey's about baseball contraction are fine as long as you can back them with solid facts not just. Duh it's an old stadium.

I'll be breaking down the stats from this team later on and let me tell you they are not pretty.
Also as a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance I'll be posting my "ballet" on the AL Cy Young, MVP, and Manger of the Year awards. And I already know who I'm voting for on one of them. ;)
And remaining completely unbiased.

Until then I attended my first Chiefs game at Arrowhead yesterday... And even during the carnage was on TV, and realized that maybe the Royals could use some cheerleaders. I don't know might make blowouts funner....

Oh and I also realized that Slugerrr is without a doubt the best pro mascot in Kc.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Onion

To bad this isn't real:
The Pepsi party porch is a real eye sore if you ask me. Some is fine but IMO The PPP is a bit much.

Part 2 of 2

I used to think in my immature youth, that some guys on the team would be better off non- tendered.

(The term better off is a two way street better for the Royals and better for the player. As I point out a lot of guys who are not very good with the Royals go on to have some good years later on.)

But now I'm sure glad they are still on the team.
I used to be so mad at guys like Farnsworth but you know what, he can't help it.

Is it Farnsworth fault Dayton signed him for $9mm ? Is it Farnsworth fault that Hillman brought him into the game ? The answers are no and no. And I've learned that this year.
Take Jake for example, is it his fault that, even though he can't hit for some reason this year, Hillman keeps batting him cleanup ?
See It's all about perspective.

Can we blame Yuniesky for his many errors ?
Not really I mean surely Dayton knew what he was getting, right ?

If I've learned nothing else this year it's that the players don't matter. We could have Babe Ruth on the team but if he's on the bench so what ?

Hooray for Josh Anderson a guy who could in the future forseable reach 20-20-20* status !
(*20 RBI, 20 SB, 20 XBH)

And we all know and have already bought our preorder for 2010 Royals jerseys of Hillman, Farnsworth, Betancourt, Buck, Olivo right ?

Now I may seem a bit scatterbrained here but I'm trying to get this done before my lunch break is up. In closing of this Part 2 which should have been the end to part 1 but I needed to get to bed:

If Nostradumas was right about the World ending in 2012
Well that's a shame.
The Royals were finally set to compete in the AL Central come 2013