Friday, September 4, 2009

Royals trade Daniel Gutierrez

And the only thing he had to say on his FB:

Only been with this organization for 1 day and its 10 x's better than KC.

And I can't blame him, but really we trade one of the best pitching prospects who admitted had some problems.
But the Royals are running a baseball team not a church.
I'm sorry but all that matters is WINNING !!!

(And I whine to anyone who listens about that)

Unfortunately the Royals don't really care about that....

AT All.

I mean take today's game for example (R-H-E):
LAA 2-3-0
KCR 1-11-0

At least the good news is with Bale and Farny biting the injury bug maybe Disco or Marte will get a call up but I doubt that they really do.

  • For more on the Gutierrez deal here's an unbiased look I really don't like the trade
  • R.I.P. Buddy Blattner the very first Royals announcer. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Blattner family.
  • Oh and I'm sure everybody is looking forward to Hillman returning.

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