Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Part 1

And then the season is finally over I used to think this late in the season it didn't matter but I was wrong. Maybe it's just losing to the Yankees but when Hillman brought in Fransworth and then comes up with these horribly lame excuses. I mean I get giving Joakim the day off but Farnsworth ? Really ?
Why not Carlos Rosa ? Heck just about anybody. But Farnsworth ?

Yes Hillman and Farny will both be back. Oh how to contain the joy ?
Perhaps we could bottle the joy ? Or pickle it ?
Or maybe there is none.

Look at it this way if Zack doesn't win tyhe Cy Young the season is a wash folks.
Sure we learned plenty about a lot of guys but that won't matter if there are not any changes.

Part 2 coming tomorrow

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