Sunday, September 6, 2009

My speel on the team and such in 20 general quick sentences

  1. Another wasted start by Zack Greinke on the Yankees or just about ANY other team Zacks got 20 wins easy
  2. I still hold a grudge against Royals scout Linda Smith (Is she even still with the team ?)
  3. 2005 Royals baseball was funner then this year's because of doughnuts
  4. I still hate Panera Bread for pulling there bagel promotion, and haven't eaten there since
  5. FSN Royals or KC whatever it's called well I have a problem with them on there FB going to give away a shirt for each Greinke strikeout at the start of the season and then to pull it only a couple starts later ? Hello surly some genius went over the stats before hand and realized Zack was on pace for 200 K's. And then to promise another promotion that I still am yet to see.
  6. And on that note I really don't like it at all when Joel Goldberg wanders around and yaks during the game. Yet when Ryan went down with his sore throat Joel did a GREAT job on the play by play.
  7. Ryan annoys me when he's always bashing the fans whether Royals or opponents
  8. Frank is kinda dry at times, great stories but the in game announcing and constant butchering of the Sonic Slam Inning is annoying as can be.
  9. I do not like Garth Brooks singing about "Friends In Low Places" because it always reminds me how low the Royals are in the standings.
  10. I despise people that start the wave at baseball games
  11. Josh Anderson is not the CF answer
  12. No way David DeJesus is even close to the talent of Beltran
  13. Jeff Fulchino was funner to watch pitch then anyone of Colon/Chen/Bale/Yabuta/Cruz/Farnsworth
  14. It is a myth to think GMDM can build a decent bullpen
  15. It is a myth to think Trey Hillman is a good manager
  16. I have bought less Kc Star's since they became 75 cents
  17. I wonder if Mark Mangino applied to be the Royals trainer ?
  18. I think there is quite a lot of Royals fans who don't know much at all
  19. If the Royals fired Denny Matthews I'd probably find another team
  20. I've wasted so many hours of my life on the Royals
  21. Bonus. Aaron Crow is a dumb guy.
There you have the first 20 thing Royals related that I could think of to rant about.
God Bless all of you who are still diluted/dumb enough to care.

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