Saturday, September 5, 2009

My choice for Royals manager in 2010

I knew the game was over when Yabuta came in. Only to think twice after he somehow survived the 10th. But of course welcome back to the reality of Royals baseball. OMG he's back for the 11th. And shazzzzam a victory for the Angel Berroa's !!! I know that maybe Trey didn't want to bring in one of the new guys in a pressure situation but Yabuta ? For two Innings ?
I think a Plinko could manage the bullpen better.

Plinko for Royals Manager 2010
Can be rented out for a trial run

Ten choices place a ballcard of each bullpen members and drop the ball. And it'll have a higher success rate guaranteed.
And why stop with the bullpen ? You could place more cards and ask it what to do at the plate !!!
Do we steal ? Hit and Run ? Sac Bunt ?
Ask Plinko !!
Who should be in the starting lineup ?
Ask Plinko !!
What should the batting order be ?
Ask Plinko !!
And unlike a Magic 8 ball you won't look like a 7 year old girl shaking it. Just have the bench coach drop the phuck er puck.(My bad)

And of course the post game interviews. How fun will they be ?
Well the answer is very see the Royals could hire a couple great writers one writes and angry speech, one sarcastic, one nonchalant, one funny, etc. And then bam which one will manager Plinko choose ?

Mr. Plinko
My choice for Royals manager in 2010

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