Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm not going to tell you the title

Well I could say something about Luke Hoche's great start yesterday. Something along the lines of wonder how his season and ours would look right now if we'd discovered he was tipping pitches back in Spring Training.

Or maybe how the Royals just keep on surging in September ? Maybe we could get MLB to split the season into two halves like in the minors.
1st Half Opening Day - August 31
2nd Half September
Ok thats just stupid but seriously I don't know what else can be done.

Then again the Royals just signed Aaron Crow. Can't believe it took this long. But hey at least for AARon* he got a major league deal. (*Not quite AARP status yet)

And this post is not orginally what it was going to be about.
Originally I was going to write about how great of a monster seaon Olivo and Buck were having in the HR department while still lacking in others and how that means Olivo and Buck will most likely come back next year.
Only I don't want to think about next year right now I've already packed up almost all my Royals stuff for the winter. Sorry for all the negativity.
Maybe I should rename the site Gothic Royals ?

And Now the main event


28 Years Old
2009 Stats so far
4.17 ERA
174.2 IP
179 K
77 BB

And remember we traded him to Colorado for basically Coco Crisp (JDLR begot RamRam begot Crispy).
Overall it's been a great seaon for Jorge and the Rockies. Maybe this is the best season Jorge will ever have. Maybe he'll go back to his Royals days. Bottom line if he were still with the Royals he'd never even come close to putting up this kind of year.
Players are ALWAYS better after leaving Kc. In fact if Jacobs is cut and wins the starting role on another team I see him hitting 30+ HR easily, I really do.

And speaking of Ramon Ramirez
62 APP
2.74 ERA

Leo Nunez
70 App
4.08 ERA
23 Saves

Courtesy Yahoo.

"I'm too young to remember George Brett."

—RHP Aaron Crow, in June, who grew up as a Royals fan.

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