Thursday, August 27, 2009

This IS why fans can't travel with the team

They'd have pushed Miguel Olivo and Brayan Pena out of the way and uncovered the hatchet.... right ?
Guillen and Jacobs went nose-to-nose outside the club's Seattle hotel after getting off the team bus on Wednesday night. Witnesses said they were arguing and were separated by teammates Miguel Olivo and Brayan Pena. There was a brief scuffle and witnesses said mediators Olivo and Pena were on the receiving end of errant blows.
Seriously I don't wish for an injury in the least bit but whatever happened to Kila Ka'aihue ? Did Dayton misplace his callup code ?

Friends the ONLY thing funny about this Royals team, IS this Royals team.
One hundred losses is still in sight, and speaking of sight maybe a couple black eyes and it's not yet even September.

PS. Just read it again funny how arguebly the two best hitters Pena and Olivo were the guys getting pounded on. Oh and by the way Brayan Pena hit a HR his 5th so HA.

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