Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Plea For Purging

Great band by the way defiantly worth checking out but that's not the point (there new CD Depravity is a great you should pick it up it's available at Hot Topic (Yeah A Royals blogger shops at Hot Topic)).
Oh and this is a great NEW video of my favorite APFP song if you take nothing else from my post let this be it. (Let me know what you think please !)

And now on to the Royals.
The Royals suck.
Consider this a plea to purge the roster I mean take a look at the 25 man roster and it is scary man. It's almost all Hyde and no Jekyll. Look at the rotation after ZG and Banny.
  • Ponson 1-7 7.36 ERA (Purge)
  • Chen 0-6 5.73 ERA (Purge)
  • Hochevar 6-4 5.28 ERA
Now true Meche will eat away one of those spots upon his return but why are Ponson and Chen on the team ? Hello Davies ERA is 2.14 after 8 Omaha starts and Lenny DiNardo is very serviceable so why are they in AAA ? I mean let's talk bullpen minus Soria. Where Lenny is also very capable unlike the big league club.
  • Wright 5.19 ERA
  • Cruz 6.39 ERA
  • Tejeda 5.93 ERA
  • Colon 5.04 ERA
  • Mahay 3.24 ERA
  • Bale 5.84 ERA
Yeah it looks like the Kuwait oil fields after Dessert Storm. Yikes. I see 4+ guys that could be purged and replaced with ease I mean who thought they'd be glad Farnsworth would return ?
And now even that could be pushed back. Geez Waechter hurry up and heal.
So who replaces the bullpen arms ? Well look to
  • Dinardo as mentioned before
  • Carlos Rosa rough start but has put the pieces back together
  • Yabuta never ever thought he could be an improvement
  • Victor Marte 3.15 ERA in 29 innings
  • Disco 3.33 ERA in 27 innings
  • Hey Ducky has always been serviceable.
Six guys to choose from yet I betcha nothing will change.
Now on to the players.....
  • Buck and Olivo should both be purged why weren't these guys traded ? Let B.Pena play everyday and callup House or Suomi to backup ?
  • Mike Jacobs should be released so Kila can get some AB's
Please Bloomquist/Teahen/DeJesus/Freel Outfield just ain't going to make the grade I was so ticked off when they didn't trade Mark sure he's the best we've got but I just don't think he's that good and I don't really like him. I mean we could have had some prospect who might become an All-Star and I don't think Mark will become an AS player I mean there was talk of non-tendering the guy last of season. Why not see what Aldridge or Lubanski can do at the big league level ? What have you got to lose ?
Well I'll answer that absolutely nothing at all except the fans might come to see some of the new guys ! I mean I'd love to see Lubanski and Marte play. No I don't feel excited watching Ponson pitch and Freel/Bloomquist/Teahen in the OF I just don't.

And here's a news flash for Dayton Moore YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CATCH THE NATIONALS ! So forget about it besides what makes you think Stephen would sign in Kc if he doesn't with the Nats. Oh and has anyone heard how the Aaron Crow negotiations are going ? Would it not perhaps be the cruelest joke of all if the Royals fail to sign him ?

And you know what Detroit is a mere 53-48 thats only FIVE games above .500 and the Royals easily could have been in the hunt.

I'd purge the roster, and I'd fire Hillman, I wouldn't have trade for Betancourt who is hitting .115 with an OBP of .113, and I would've made a trade but that's not important.
Neither is the fact that the Royals are 40-63 and are the worst Royals team I've ever seen and I swear I mean that with all my heart. Nor the fact the team has no All-Star caliber players on offense.

Here's the link to the video again it'll cheer you up. Unlike the Royals.


  1. That's some serious ax-work on that song. . . Royals need to be patient. Ponson was DFA'd and deserved it, but Chen is showing a little. Give him another couple of turns in the rotation. Davies is coming up. Look at DiNardo after Sept. roster expansion, if not sooner.

    Pitching is the hope for this franchise, but Royals need bullpen, defense, etc. It's sad.

  2. I believe that crow is signed but he is signed above slot which means the commissioner wont approve the deal until the deadline.

  3. Glad you like the song Royals and music my two favorite things.....

    Chen is 32 his fastball is 85 MPH and he's had only one good year.

    Hopefully Crow is signed but why hasn't Bud signed off yet then ? Crow is missing valuable time.

  4. Jordan Parraz needs to be the new rightfielder starting tomorrow. Minor league career .381 OBP and over .400 since his promotion to Omaha! Why is nobody talking about this guy? He'd overnight be the best hitting outfielder on the team! He wouldn't even have to come close to his career minor league numbers to-date to do this! This is the guy we got in Lumsden deal. I know Dayton is an idiot but this deal looks like winner to me.

  5. I agree Roy Jordan Parraz looks like a steal for Lumsden but the team is taking it slow with him. That said he's got to get a call up come September. But seriously what have we got to lose by bringing up Kila and Jordan ? I mean haven't we seen enough of Jacobs/Olivo/Buck at DH and Bloomquist and Freel in the OF ?
    I like Freel but he's not an everyday guy.