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My Early writings on the Royals

My Early Writings on the Royals spelling errors have not been changed. Just found an old journal of mine. It's ugly so I'll warn you they are from early 2004 I'd have been in 5 grade but english has always been one of my worst subjects. But still it's a look into the past.

The Kc Royals
The Royals are my favorite baseball team. They play at Kauffman Stadium. They have Mike Sweeney, Desi Releford, Angel Berroa, Ken Harvy, Joe Randa, Matt Stairs, Jose DeJesus, Mendy Lopez, Juan Gonzlez , Nate Field, Kevin Appier, Jason Grimsley, Tony Graffinao, Benito Santiago, Brian Anderson, Mike MacDougal, Daryell May, Jimmy Gobble, Jermy Affeldt, Curtis Leskanic, Aaron Guiel, D.J. Carrasco, Dee Brown and Carlos Beltran. The Royals are going to win their divison this year.

Kc Royals Season Opener
April 6 2004
The Royals played their season opener yesterday when I turned in to the game in the 3rd The Royals were down 5-3 to the CWS. Brian Anderson gave up the 3 runs. It was the most Attendence for a Royals season opener 41,575. Then the Royals score a run to make it 5-4 but Jeremy Camp (funny I put in a Christian singer instead of Shawn Camp the actual pitcher) threw 2 innings and gave up 2 runsto make it 7-4. Camp threw prettygood. Nate Field threw a scoreless 8th. D.J. Carrasco threw a scoreless 9th. In the bottom of the ninth Mendy Lopez hit a three run homer to make it 7-7. Then Angel Berroa got a base hit. Next up was Carlos Beltran. The Annoncer I listen to Denny Matthews but (should be put) it like this:
(Carlos line drive center feild Lee going back to the track. Royals win ! ) The winning pitcher was D.J. Carrasco. The Royals have won there first !

So far the Royals
April 14 2004
are 4-3. Scott Sullivan is 2-0 Darell May 0-2 Jeremy Afeldt 0-1 Curtis Leskanic 0-0 2 SV HR's:
Angel Berroa 1, Mike Sweeney 1, Tony Graffino 1, Carlos Beltran 1, Aaron Guiel 3. I thinbk the Royals will do good this year.
Later that day
Hopefuly the Royals will do good. They are down 2-0 in the top 3rd. Hopefully we can go to a Royals game on August 7th. Thats when Denny Matthews the Royals anowser gets elected in the Royals hall of fame.

Yesterday Night
April 21 2004 day........
Then I listened to the Royals beat the Indians 15-5. Ken Harvy hit a home run. Matt Stairs hit his eigth carer grand slam. Carlos Beltran stole three bases, Mike Swenny bagged one. Brian Anderson got the win to be (1-0) then we went to bed, after eating ice cream.

Kc Royals update
May 13 2004
The Royals are 11-21 and 8 GM behind first place Minnisota the Royals were doing pretty bad (story of my Royals life) but now they have won two in a row and have a high morale. They beat the Blue Jays yesterday to take 2 games out of 3. They were down 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 out. Releford was on third and Beltran on first. Sweeny hit a ground ball past Blue Jay's 3B Eric Hinske and in to left. Desi scored and the Jays Reley Throw was not in time to get Beltran. Sweeny's Double ended the game. The Royals may not have that good of a record but I belive Tony Pena. "Toghter We Can". I have'nt been keeping up on the stat tracker but I do have Pitching. But I hav HR.
Name HR
Matt Stairs 4
Carlos Beltran 9
Mendy Lopez 1
Angel Berroa 1
Mike Sweeney 4
Ken Harvey 2
Benito Santiago 2
Juan Gonzalez 3
Aaron Gueil 3
Tony Graffino 1
Joe Randa 1
Kelly Stinet 2
Desi Releford 0

Sometimes Play
Rich Tompson
David DeJesus
Andres Blanco

No title
May 27 2004
The Kc Royals have won 2 straight over the tigers.

Hope you enjoyed man I can't believe how far I've came along in 5 years !!
Ray W

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