Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not that ....

It's not that I'm not following the team or watching the games but really what is there to write about day in and day out ?
What do you say everyday about a team 46 - 72 ?
Maybe I could blast the lineup:
  • Bloomquist
  • Pena
  • Butler
  • Olivo
  • Callaspo
  • Teahen
  • Maier
  • Betancourt
  • Anderson

And that's not even including the fact that Callaspo started the game at third base. I mean though haven't we blasted the lineup enough this year ? Isn't this getting old ?

And the bullpen is atrocious.

Guess what Leo Nunez is doing pretty darn well with the fish he has 13 saves even.
And we all expect Mike Jacobs and John Buck to be back next year right ? And who has bought there Josh Anderson jersey ?

Oh well I got to go but just wanted you to know I'm still around.

Congrats to RA on the move..... just to bad I'm no longer linked.

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