Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm so ticked off

Royals DFA'd Ryan Freel and I actually really liked Freel. A good hard nosed player yet we've got so many ugh how do I put this players who we don't need ? Three catchers and yet Freel is DFA'd what a bout optioning Maier to AAA.
And the day after Posanski leaves the star Button Dutton says:
Ryan Freel’s brief stay with the Royals ended Wednesday afternoon when he was designated for assignment to clear roster space for the return of pitcher Kyle Davies from Class AAA Omaha.

Really ? I thought that was why Ponson was DFA'd ???
25 - 1 = 25 therefore you deduct Freel which gives 24 and then Davies makes 25 ? I mean Ponson shouldn't be a push as big as he was he should be -2 players of the 25 man. So who cares if Josh Anderson is on the team tonight. Heck maybe then Maier will be optioned.
Dang it.
So yeah Dayton right now I'm really ticked off at you more then ever. As if the record and Yuni and all that other crap was not enough.

Dang it, I like Ryan Freel you idiot.


  1. Yeah, I really hate it when a GM has more than one of the same player and keeps the younger one (Anderson over Freel).

  2. Yeah it does suck when that happens lol.
    I just liked Freel and seriously why couldn't Buck or Jake be DFA'd ?