Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm done for now

I'm taking a break I can't keep up with every game.
The team just isn't that fun to watch I'll still listen to Denny but without him traveling even the radio isn't as cool. And I hate watching FS and all the commercials for the lamest sport on earth....
If I have to watch that soccer commercial one more time !!!
And I'm sorry if soccer is your favorite sport to watch, I'll pray for you I really will.
I mean it's fun to play but it's in the triple lame category with golf and tennis and even tennis is somewhat good if there is absolutely nothing on and your cd player is broke.
Yes folks even the Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship on ESPN was funner.

But getting back to the point I'm not giving up (if it weren't for the advertising money I might haha just kidding) I'm just not going to follow each game from start to finish. I'll just watch/listen to bits and pieces and browse the box score.
In fact I've only watched one game since the break in it's entirety. If something big happens I'll tell ya but I won't be posting everyday till September probably, who knows.

Did You know ?
Teams with a cleanup hitter that has been DFA'd earlier in the year usually don't make the playoffs.

Oh shoot I might still blog everyday who knows.

But why don't you guys like the new look ? Isn't it better then powder blue ?
Let's see some comments on what you think would look great and just chat a bit what's ya listening to ?

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