Saturday, August 29, 2009


Could you manage the Royals ?

Would you have started Brayan Pena at DH if nothing else ? I mean a guy batting .304 on a team that is 49 - 78. Just hit a home run the game before.

If you answered no You've got what it takes buddy. And speaking of Buddy who thought he'd have been better then Trey ? I mean 100 losses is 100 losses but at least with Bell we had an E at the end of everybody's name.


Now the Royals are in contract extension negotiations with Dayton Moore. I could go on and on because that is so wrong. But alas I'll just say since I don't have a job (Don't want to cut my hair duh) I'd love, super freakin love to work for the Royals. I mean he's a bad owner but I think Mr. Glass would obviously be a great guy to work for you've got to give him that.

And now on to Mahay who signed with the Twins oh and the Royals are obligated to pay for the remainder of Mahay’s salary about $780,000. Now what was really funny was Frank White last night saying how maybe Mahay could bounce back.But let's be serious guys, he was better then Farnsworth, Chen, Colon and Bale. So why he was DFA'd instead of one of them still completely baffles me it really does...

Finally today is my birthday, and what a way to start my birthday then having to pay a dollar bet to my brother from the night before.
Yeah it all started when Farnsworth came in to face Sweeney with the bases loaded I bet that Mike would hit a grand slam, and he bet me that Mike would walk (with the bases loaded).
Yep thanks for nothing Kyle.

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