Sunday, August 30, 2009

Royals say 3-5 September callups

"I'd say three-to-five callups, at the most," general manager Dayton Moore said.
OK that is just kind of stupid if you ask me. I'd callup quite a few guys.
I mean what have you got to lose ? Nothing.
What have you got to gain ? Knowledge of whether the guys in AAA can contribute to the team next year or not. And I'd think guys like DiNardo if they are passed over for a callup are going to move on to another team during the off season. Seriously who here thinks Roman Colon should be back next year ? How about Bruce Chen ? Mike Jacobs ? John Buck ?

Yeah that's what I thought. Now what about Victor Marte ? Dusty Hughes ? Victor Marte ? Irving Falu ? To name only a few.

And I know that current group of players just isn't going to cut it but hey Thank God we've still got Greinke without him the Royals would be as boring as well I don't know.
All I could think of was how bad Mike Shannon is I can't stand, that guy he's probably help me become a Royals fan. Geez he's annoying as can be.

Zack Greinke is just amazing 15 K's followed by a CG, SHO, 1 hitter. And oh yeah 200+ strikeouts on the year.

Finally I love this quote it's just amazing:

"I would imagine we'll go day-to-day and see what our situation is here," Hillman said. "That would give us more latitude. With only three extra players, as much as it limits you late in ballgames to make moves, it's very doable. I mean, I managed five years with a 23-man roster in Double-A, Triple-A with three extra players and two of the three weren't catcher but we've still got some versatility with [Mark] Teahen, [Willie] Bloomquist and [Alberto] Callaspo moving things around on the infield."

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Could you manage the Royals ?

Would you have started Brayan Pena at DH if nothing else ? I mean a guy batting .304 on a team that is 49 - 78. Just hit a home run the game before.

If you answered no You've got what it takes buddy. And speaking of Buddy who thought he'd have been better then Trey ? I mean 100 losses is 100 losses but at least with Bell we had an E at the end of everybody's name.


Now the Royals are in contract extension negotiations with Dayton Moore. I could go on and on because that is so wrong. But alas I'll just say since I don't have a job (Don't want to cut my hair duh) I'd love, super freakin love to work for the Royals. I mean he's a bad owner but I think Mr. Glass would obviously be a great guy to work for you've got to give him that.

And now on to Mahay who signed with the Twins oh and the Royals are obligated to pay for the remainder of Mahay’s salary about $780,000. Now what was really funny was Frank White last night saying how maybe Mahay could bounce back.But let's be serious guys, he was better then Farnsworth, Chen, Colon and Bale. So why he was DFA'd instead of one of them still completely baffles me it really does...

Finally today is my birthday, and what a way to start my birthday then having to pay a dollar bet to my brother from the night before.
Yeah it all started when Farnsworth came in to face Sweeney with the bases loaded I bet that Mike would hit a grand slam, and he bet me that Mike would walk (with the bases loaded).
Yep thanks for nothing Kyle.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Early writings on the Royals

My Early Writings on the Royals spelling errors have not been changed. Just found an old journal of mine. It's ugly so I'll warn you they are from early 2004 I'd have been in 5 grade but english has always been one of my worst subjects. But still it's a look into the past.

The Kc Royals
The Royals are my favorite baseball team. They play at Kauffman Stadium. They have Mike Sweeney, Desi Releford, Angel Berroa, Ken Harvy, Joe Randa, Matt Stairs, Jose DeJesus, Mendy Lopez, Juan Gonzlez , Nate Field, Kevin Appier, Jason Grimsley, Tony Graffinao, Benito Santiago, Brian Anderson, Mike MacDougal, Daryell May, Jimmy Gobble, Jermy Affeldt, Curtis Leskanic, Aaron Guiel, D.J. Carrasco, Dee Brown and Carlos Beltran. The Royals are going to win their divison this year.

Kc Royals Season Opener
April 6 2004
The Royals played their season opener yesterday when I turned in to the game in the 3rd The Royals were down 5-3 to the CWS. Brian Anderson gave up the 3 runs. It was the most Attendence for a Royals season opener 41,575. Then the Royals score a run to make it 5-4 but Jeremy Camp (funny I put in a Christian singer instead of Shawn Camp the actual pitcher) threw 2 innings and gave up 2 runsto make it 7-4. Camp threw prettygood. Nate Field threw a scoreless 8th. D.J. Carrasco threw a scoreless 9th. In the bottom of the ninth Mendy Lopez hit a three run homer to make it 7-7. Then Angel Berroa got a base hit. Next up was Carlos Beltran. The Annoncer I listen to Denny Matthews but (should be put) it like this:
(Carlos line drive center feild Lee going back to the track. Royals win ! ) The winning pitcher was D.J. Carrasco. The Royals have won there first !

So far the Royals
April 14 2004
are 4-3. Scott Sullivan is 2-0 Darell May 0-2 Jeremy Afeldt 0-1 Curtis Leskanic 0-0 2 SV HR's:
Angel Berroa 1, Mike Sweeney 1, Tony Graffino 1, Carlos Beltran 1, Aaron Guiel 3. I thinbk the Royals will do good this year.
Later that day
Hopefuly the Royals will do good. They are down 2-0 in the top 3rd. Hopefully we can go to a Royals game on August 7th. Thats when Denny Matthews the Royals anowser gets elected in the Royals hall of fame.

Yesterday Night
April 21 2004 day........
Then I listened to the Royals beat the Indians 15-5. Ken Harvy hit a home run. Matt Stairs hit his eigth carer grand slam. Carlos Beltran stole three bases, Mike Swenny bagged one. Brian Anderson got the win to be (1-0) then we went to bed, after eating ice cream.

Kc Royals update
May 13 2004
The Royals are 11-21 and 8 GM behind first place Minnisota the Royals were doing pretty bad (story of my Royals life) but now they have won two in a row and have a high morale. They beat the Blue Jays yesterday to take 2 games out of 3. They were down 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 out. Releford was on third and Beltran on first. Sweeny hit a ground ball past Blue Jay's 3B Eric Hinske and in to left. Desi scored and the Jays Reley Throw was not in time to get Beltran. Sweeny's Double ended the game. The Royals may not have that good of a record but I belive Tony Pena. "Toghter We Can". I have'nt been keeping up on the stat tracker but I do have Pitching. But I hav HR.
Name HR
Matt Stairs 4
Carlos Beltran 9
Mendy Lopez 1
Angel Berroa 1
Mike Sweeney 4
Ken Harvey 2
Benito Santiago 2
Juan Gonzalez 3
Aaron Gueil 3
Tony Graffino 1
Joe Randa 1
Kelly Stinet 2
Desi Releford 0

Sometimes Play
Rich Tompson
David DeJesus
Andres Blanco

No title
May 27 2004
The Kc Royals have won 2 straight over the tigers.

Hope you enjoyed man I can't believe how far I've came along in 5 years !!
Ray W

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This IS why fans can't travel with the team

They'd have pushed Miguel Olivo and Brayan Pena out of the way and uncovered the hatchet.... right ?
Guillen and Jacobs went nose-to-nose outside the club's Seattle hotel after getting off the team bus on Wednesday night. Witnesses said they were arguing and were separated by teammates Miguel Olivo and Brayan Pena. There was a brief scuffle and witnesses said mediators Olivo and Pena were on the receiving end of errant blows.
Seriously I don't wish for an injury in the least bit but whatever happened to Kila Ka'aihue ? Did Dayton misplace his callup code ?

Friends the ONLY thing funny about this Royals team, IS this Royals team.
One hundred losses is still in sight, and speaking of sight maybe a couple black eyes and it's not yet even September.

PS. Just read it again funny how arguebly the two best hitters Pena and Olivo were the guys getting pounded on. Oh and by the way Brayan Pena hit a HR his 5th so HA.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Interview with Ken of The Pipeline

Below is an interview I did with Ken of The Pipeline.
One of my favorite blogs. And I admit the only I have to check everyday (because it's always new).

The interview was done at the All-Star break but I just got busy and tired of the team for awhile so I'm really sorry for not getting this out sooner....

But better late then never I guess.

So how did you become a Royals fan ?

I was born during the Royals' heyday. I'm glad to be able to say I remember when they were winners and they had one of the best winning traditions in the AL. I have great memories of the early '80s teams....the Pine Tar Incident, the loss to Detroit in the '84 ALCS, the '85 playoffs. Of course that winning tradition has all gone to pot the last 15 years or so....I was one of the many turned off of baseball in the '94 strike and I didn't get fully back into it until about 2000, the year of the Royals' historically great offense and horrible pitching staff. I'd spent a great deal of fan energy on the Boston Red Sox in the late '80s, and when they got over the hump in 2004, and about 75 percent of their fans turned into Yankee-type fans, I got back into the Royals more heavily in the 2003-04 time frame.

What gave you the idea for your unique blog ?

I had been on a Red Sox e-mail list for a few years, and actually a guy on there (named Gary Williams) started doing daily minor league updates for the Sox. I thought I could do the same for the Royals -- it would be a good way for me to keep up on how things are going in the organization and get to know the future Royals. I started by taking that idea and have made the report its own. A little of that guy's idea, which he still does every day on the Sox list, plus a little of the BA daily prospect report format, plus some other thoughts, and there you go.

How long does it take to compile it each day ?

I can usually count on 15-20 mins. per team, so in the early season that means an hour, maybe a little more, in uninterrupted time, and when the rookie leagues fire up, it's closer to 2 hours, without distractions.

What must the Royals do in the second half to keep fans on board ?

Stop the losing streaks. Actually, it would be nice for Zack to make a run at 20 wins and, maybe, Olivo to stay hot and give the single season team HR mark a solid run, maybe at least make it to 30 HR. I think they've gotta make room for Kila Ka'aihue somehow -- he's the only pretty much major-league ready prospect in the organization right now. If Alex Gordon comes back this weekend and starts a tear, that would keep people interested, but if he just stays average to mediocre, it's gonna stink. I'd like to see Dayton Moore make a couple good deals, but the longer I watch him work, the less confident I am that that's gonna happen.

I always like to ask this what is the most you've paid for a Royals hat ?

I think my answer would be $25. It's a good hat.

Do you visit allot of Royals blogs ? Which are your favorite ?

I visit a few, mainly Rany's blog, Joe Pos' blog, Royals Review, Royals Authority, couple others....

Thanks again Ken
And be sure to read his blog for all the latest from the Royals farm system.

Royals DFA Mahay. What ?

I thought Mahay was way better then John Bale and better then Colon/Chen for sure.
Of course we could not DFA Farnsworth but Mahay I'd put him as the second best reliever behind Soria.
But you know whatever, I know nothing.

And welcome Yabuta a 36 year old who will in no way help out the future and I can see why this move makes a little sense.

Ok I just lied to you I'm a liar.....
Forgive me please.

Really Yabuta replaces Mahay ?
Two words sum that up.

Royals Baseball

The race for Bryce Harper heats up !!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm mad

I had a huge post about the game I went to and for some reason blogger couldn't post it and it did not save so ugh I'll try to recall it all a little later.

Until then enjoy the Kyle Farnsworth and the rest of the team !

Friday, August 21, 2009

A few things to ponder

  • Royals released 3B Travis Metcalf from AAA Omaha
Yeah thats about all the news I have.
But here are three great headlines from
Geez I love Royals headlines ,
Oh and then there was the Alex Gordon demotion to AAA that prompted the local paper the JC News Tribune to run the story under the headline:
Royals demote one time top prospect

So I'll be going to my first and last Royals game today so shot me an email if your going and we can meet up and I'll give you an autograph.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's not that ....

It's not that I'm not following the team or watching the games but really what is there to write about day in and day out ?
What do you say everyday about a team 46 - 72 ?
Maybe I could blast the lineup:
  • Bloomquist
  • Pena
  • Butler
  • Olivo
  • Callaspo
  • Teahen
  • Maier
  • Betancourt
  • Anderson

And that's not even including the fact that Callaspo started the game at third base. I mean though haven't we blasted the lineup enough this year ? Isn't this getting old ?

And the bullpen is atrocious.

Guess what Leo Nunez is doing pretty darn well with the fish he has 13 saves even.
And we all expect Mike Jacobs and John Buck to be back next year right ? And who has bought there Josh Anderson jersey ?

Oh well I got to go but just wanted you to know I'm still around.

Congrats to RA on the move..... just to bad I'm no longer linked.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I'm done for now

I'm taking a break I can't keep up with every game.
The team just isn't that fun to watch I'll still listen to Denny but without him traveling even the radio isn't as cool. And I hate watching FS and all the commercials for the lamest sport on earth....
If I have to watch that soccer commercial one more time !!!
And I'm sorry if soccer is your favorite sport to watch, I'll pray for you I really will.
I mean it's fun to play but it's in the triple lame category with golf and tennis and even tennis is somewhat good if there is absolutely nothing on and your cd player is broke.
Yes folks even the Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship on ESPN was funner.

But getting back to the point I'm not giving up (if it weren't for the advertising money I might haha just kidding) I'm just not going to follow each game from start to finish. I'll just watch/listen to bits and pieces and browse the box score.
In fact I've only watched one game since the break in it's entirety. If something big happens I'll tell ya but I won't be posting everyday till September probably, who knows.

Did You know ?
Teams with a cleanup hitter that has been DFA'd earlier in the year usually don't make the playoffs.

Oh shoot I might still blog everyday who knows.

But why don't you guys like the new look ? Isn't it better then powder blue ?
Let's see some comments on what you think would look great and just chat a bit what's ya listening to ?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm so ticked off

Royals DFA'd Ryan Freel and I actually really liked Freel. A good hard nosed player yet we've got so many ugh how do I put this players who we don't need ? Three catchers and yet Freel is DFA'd what a bout optioning Maier to AAA.
And the day after Posanski leaves the star Button Dutton says:
Ryan Freel’s brief stay with the Royals ended Wednesday afternoon when he was designated for assignment to clear roster space for the return of pitcher Kyle Davies from Class AAA Omaha.

Really ? I thought that was why Ponson was DFA'd ???
25 - 1 = 25 therefore you deduct Freel which gives 24 and then Davies makes 25 ? I mean Ponson shouldn't be a push as big as he was he should be -2 players of the 25 man. So who cares if Josh Anderson is on the team tonight. Heck maybe then Maier will be optioned.
Dang it.
So yeah Dayton right now I'm really ticked off at you more then ever. As if the record and Yuni and all that other crap was not enough.

Dang it, I like Ryan Freel you idiot.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Royals miss out

Well the Royals have DFA'd Sidney Ponson. It's about time I mean 1-7 7.36 ERA but unfortunately not soon enough my friends as the Royals missed out on the government'z "Cash for Clunkers" program that would have paid us $4,500 for a new fuel efficient starting pitcher.
Man don't that bite.
Oh well.

So what do you guys think of RoRetc's new look ? Please vote on the side, also I've got a design I want for the header but It's still on paper not on the computer. But I'm working on it still.
As always thanks for reading you rock.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Plea For Purging

Great band by the way defiantly worth checking out but that's not the point (there new CD Depravity is a great you should pick it up it's available at Hot Topic (Yeah A Royals blogger shops at Hot Topic)).
Oh and this is a great NEW video of my favorite APFP song if you take nothing else from my post let this be it. (Let me know what you think please !)

And now on to the Royals.
The Royals suck.
Consider this a plea to purge the roster I mean take a look at the 25 man roster and it is scary man. It's almost all Hyde and no Jekyll. Look at the rotation after ZG and Banny.
  • Ponson 1-7 7.36 ERA (Purge)
  • Chen 0-6 5.73 ERA (Purge)
  • Hochevar 6-4 5.28 ERA
Now true Meche will eat away one of those spots upon his return but why are Ponson and Chen on the team ? Hello Davies ERA is 2.14 after 8 Omaha starts and Lenny DiNardo is very serviceable so why are they in AAA ? I mean let's talk bullpen minus Soria. Where Lenny is also very capable unlike the big league club.
  • Wright 5.19 ERA
  • Cruz 6.39 ERA
  • Tejeda 5.93 ERA
  • Colon 5.04 ERA
  • Mahay 3.24 ERA
  • Bale 5.84 ERA
Yeah it looks like the Kuwait oil fields after Dessert Storm. Yikes. I see 4+ guys that could be purged and replaced with ease I mean who thought they'd be glad Farnsworth would return ?
And now even that could be pushed back. Geez Waechter hurry up and heal.
So who replaces the bullpen arms ? Well look to
  • Dinardo as mentioned before
  • Carlos Rosa rough start but has put the pieces back together
  • Yabuta never ever thought he could be an improvement
  • Victor Marte 3.15 ERA in 29 innings
  • Disco 3.33 ERA in 27 innings
  • Hey Ducky has always been serviceable.
Six guys to choose from yet I betcha nothing will change.
Now on to the players.....
  • Buck and Olivo should both be purged why weren't these guys traded ? Let B.Pena play everyday and callup House or Suomi to backup ?
  • Mike Jacobs should be released so Kila can get some AB's
Please Bloomquist/Teahen/DeJesus/Freel Outfield just ain't going to make the grade I was so ticked off when they didn't trade Mark sure he's the best we've got but I just don't think he's that good and I don't really like him. I mean we could have had some prospect who might become an All-Star and I don't think Mark will become an AS player I mean there was talk of non-tendering the guy last of season. Why not see what Aldridge or Lubanski can do at the big league level ? What have you got to lose ?
Well I'll answer that absolutely nothing at all except the fans might come to see some of the new guys ! I mean I'd love to see Lubanski and Marte play. No I don't feel excited watching Ponson pitch and Freel/Bloomquist/Teahen in the OF I just don't.

And here's a news flash for Dayton Moore YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CATCH THE NATIONALS ! So forget about it besides what makes you think Stephen would sign in Kc if he doesn't with the Nats. Oh and has anyone heard how the Aaron Crow negotiations are going ? Would it not perhaps be the cruelest joke of all if the Royals fail to sign him ?

And you know what Detroit is a mere 53-48 thats only FIVE games above .500 and the Royals easily could have been in the hunt.

I'd purge the roster, and I'd fire Hillman, I wouldn't have trade for Betancourt who is hitting .115 with an OBP of .113, and I would've made a trade but that's not important.
Neither is the fact that the Royals are 40-63 and are the worst Royals team I've ever seen and I swear I mean that with all my heart. Nor the fact the team has no All-Star caliber players on offense.

Here's the link to the video again it'll cheer you up. Unlike the Royals.