Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trade Greinke ?

According to MLBTR:
  • The Jays are asking the Phillies for J.A. Happ and Kyle Drabek.
  • The Angels don't want to part with Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar, Brandon Wood, and another prospect for a single pitcher
  • The Yankees have a minuscule chance of acquiring Halladay. They wouldn't part with both Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain for him, but they might trade one.
  • The Red Sox could still make a big move, but don't expect them to deal for Halladay. The Blue Jays could ask for Clay Bucholz, Jed Lowrie, and Daniel Bard, according to one of Heyman's sources.
  • The Yanks would have to give up "a top prospect or two" to acquire Washburn.
Well I must ask should the Royals look to trade Greinke ? It's obvious the Royals aren't going anywhere this year and the team has many holes, but trading Greinke could easliy fill many of the holes. Now I'm not saying to trade Greinke that would make to many average fans go nuts.
And it should because Zack is something special but the team really needs a lot and trading Greinke could really fill up a few holes.

Look at what the Angels were rumored to be asked for Halladay and now granted they don't want to make that deal but with Zack being locked up long term.
Angels could trade:
  • Joe Saunders 28, career line of 40-21 4.29 ERA, he's having a bad 09 but was an 08 All Star
  • Erik Aybar 25, basically the same as Callaspo well do you want those two in the same clubhouse ?
  • Brandon Wood 24, eh.
Well not a whole lot but you can could swap Aybar and Wood for another guy ? Saunders replaces Zack in the rotation.

And the Phillies have offered for Doc:
  • 6'6" LHP J.A. Happ 26, 7-1, 2.97 ERA, 100 IP, SHO, 71 K.
  • 6' RHP Kyle Drabek 21, pitched great in Adv A and AA
  • Another Prospect ?
I could go on but you guys get the point and I got to go.
The Royals should at least listen to offers for Greinke and Soria. Sould they trade them ? No.
I don't trust Dayton that much so no, I don't WANT them to make a move all I'm saying is don't shut down the phone lines. And if you play your cards right you could net a heck of alot in return, play them wrong though and you've got Buck, Wood, and Teahen. Or worse.

But if you want to make a move go get Wladimir Balentien because the Kc Royal Mariners can not be stopped.

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  1. The front office needs the support of the fanbase to make a move like trading Greinke. Royals fans would flip out if Greinke were dealt