Friday, July 10, 2009

"RoRetc Gossip Daily"

Well I was reading the "RoRetc Gossip Daily" (You know like the Sun and all those other celebrity rumor mags) and found this interesting tidbit:

Royals GM Dayton Moore thought OBP meant:

Benevolence (Benevolence means much good for others)

Yep Dayton was just trying to build a team with a low benevolence rating so that the team would be meaner and grind out some more wins ! Now is that corny or what ?

The article also included:

The anti-Dayton Team
C Joe Mauer .462
1B Albert Pujols .463
2B Chase Utley .427
SS Hanley Ramirez .411
3B David Wright .412
OF Carlos Beltran .425
OF Shin-Soo Choo .406
OF Bobby Abreu .406
DH Jim Thome .401

Yes those are the guys who give Dayton nightmares. A scary bunch we should see to it that no one from this list EVER becomes a Royal.

The Royals have only 2 guys in the top 100 in OBP in all of MLB. They are Callaspo 78th (.354). and Teahen 80th (.352).

Wow now there is some juicy stuff my friends.

And for some even more shocking news ESPN the Mag rates the Royals as number 42 in there list of best pro franchises. How stupid is that ? I don't care what your grading the Royals should never ever be in front of Boston.

Finally I'll leave you with this 563 MLB players, 252 pitchers, and 23 managers have been born in Missouri. 311 former MLB players, 141 pitchers, and 20 mangers have died in Missouri.

And if you thought I was done your wrong. You must, must, must buy a Kc Star today (7/11) for the sports funny it's amazing !

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