Saturday, July 18, 2009

A quick post

Just when things couldn't get any worse the Royals blow the lead in their second straight game.
Gil Meche to the DL and Ponson is back to the rotation. Yes Bruce Chen and Sidney Ponson in the same rotation and not at the AAA level neither. (Although one could argue this point)
Yuni has been pretty good I've haven't seen much of the last two games but I did get to see Yuni boot a ball, lovely stuff. Not much else to post in a 5 game losing streak that wraps around the All-Star break other then only 12 days till the Trade deadline and maybe the Royals could have the 12 days of Christmas in July who knows. Finally is it just me or is it kind of funny how the fire Hillman level goes up and down amongst fans, the fire Daytoners to. I mean if you want him gone don't only bring it up when he's done bad stick to your guns.

Also beware folks it could happen to you, Juan Cruz has caught Farnsworthinitis and it can spread possibly affecting the whole bullpen.

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