Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Word

Eight straight losses we just blew the lead here in the eighth tonight and we can all look forward to Hillman being back in 2010.
Oh and how bad do we miss Farnsworth now ? I mean the guy was bad but at least he would get the job done at least now and then !!!
Jose Guillen is hospitalized after it was mentioned that he might go on the DL in the I suck article.

(Ball four now we've had back to back to back walks here in the 8th and Soria comes in with the bases crammed and 1 out in the 8th brilliant.)

And one would think that it must be at least August well it's not we've still got to more months people !!! And we already know Hillman will be back hey Washington canned Acta.

(Ball One from Soria, Ok there's a strike. Now two.

Man my brain is scrambled as I keep rambling.
Hey you gotta read this.
Anyway I was on facebook and commented on some dude's status that...

(Two Runs in 8-6 Los Angelos Angels of Royals Suckistan in Anaheim)

That (on the double header blowout):
"And said to say who didn't see this coming ? I know people that'd pay big money to be smoking what Dayton is*.

*(Ok if he's not on something explain how he could not see this coming ?)

So here's the blog post you requested (somewhat).
Going into yesterdays double header since 2006 the starters we ran out were not good:

Ponson 15-20 6.01 ERA
Chen 0-11 6.93 ERA

Plus let's not forget:
Roman Colon
Ryan Freel

I mean it looks like a AAA team in fact there are some better options in a lot of the AAA teams.
I mean who wouldn't like to have Esteban German back ?
I hate to tell you I don't enjoy watching Alex Gordon play he's not fun to watch. Butler is average. Tell me besides a few pitchers who do the Royals have who could be considered a star player ? No one on the offensive side.

Yet Moore boldly declares Hillman back In 2010 basically netting his career and Treys together heck if they were smoking something they'd probably share the same Bong. And is anyone surprised the Royals haven't signed Jung Bong yet ? I mean he is an ex-Brave !!!
And to avoid a hundred loss season the team must go at least 26 - 42 but why bother ?
I bet the Royals have committed most of the 7 deadly sins let's look:

  1. Pride (Nope no pride here)
  2. Envy (Yes who wouldn't want to be a Iron Pig ?)
  3. Wrath (Nope even Jose has been silenced)
  4. Sloth (Yes)
  5. Gluttony (They've gobbled up a ton of losses so yeah)
  6. Lust (Yes refer to sin #2)
  7. Greed (Money money money) (Split Yes by Farny no by Josey)
4.5 Yes 2.5 No so yeah I was right.

Ok I need rest. Goodnight.
(Wow just as I wrote that the Angels ended the game on a double play)
Royals are now 20 games under .500

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