Friday, July 24, 2009

Move to make

Tigers DFA'd speedy Josh Anderson the Royals should consider signing him he'd be an upgrade over Maier on defense and on the base path maybe even a little better at the plate but that's more of a push even though Josh has hit a couple big leauge homers.
Bottom line he's an upgrade over Mitch Maier.

Also Mark Kotsay was DFA'd but I don't think the Royals should look into that one.


  1. Royals should look at many of the guys being cut now. A washed up middle reliever might have value if coached up a little in Omaha first. A corner OF used in the right situations might regain his confidence. Maier is not the villian here, but what does he add to the roster? Hilly is going to use DDJ, Maier, and Bloomy/Freel on some nights in the OF. Expect to see more shutouts from opposing "aces."

  2. Wladimir Balentien just DFA'd by the M's would also be a guy to look into low AVG and OBP but still lots of potential as he's only 24.

  3. Amen Ray. Since he's young, and Royals desperately need a corner OF. Plenty of former Mariners on Royals current roster to find out what kind of guy he is.