Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lost Faith

Hapless Royals: Almost Ready

Rany on the Royals: The Breaking Point

The Royal Tower: Shutting Down for awhile

And those are just three big ones, three good ones from three great guys what about the new ones that spring up every year and are gone without a wimper by the end of the year ?
This only proves the Royals are in deep trouble, sure they'll retain the causal fans who don't really care all that much but when guys who bleed blue are at there breaking point well it can't be good for the Royals. And with people who say you can't blame Dayton, you can't blame Hillman, and even saw one that said you can't blame Glass because he was vital in keeping the team in Kc. Well good for him and all but that same team has devolved from a MLB team to a AAAA team and he is the CEO at the top of our "ENRON" or "Lehman Brothers" and should be held responseable. As should Dayton and Hilly.
It's a shame this organazation has well more history and class then this.

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  1. I certainly don't blame any blogger who gives up and while I'm not there yet Moore isn't making it any easier.